Modern Oxymorons and Misleading Terms

These are words or phases that are used to deceive people into thinking one thing when actually it represents something else all together.

List of Oxymorons (and other misused phrases)

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  1. All-Star (baseball)
  2. American Catholic Church
  3. American Civil Liberties Union
  4. Atheist
  5. Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002
  6. Cut in Government Spending
  7. Inclusionary Text (in Bible Translations)
  8. Mainstream (in politics)
  1. Moderate (in politics)
  2. Modernism (in the Catholic Church)
  3. National Education Association
  4. National Organization of Women
  5. Personally Pro-Life (politics)
  6. Planned Parenthood
  7. Politically Correct
  8. Pro-Choice
  1. Pro-Choice Catholic
  2. Progressive Theology
  3. Safe Sex
  4. Separation of Church and State
  5. Social Security Trust Fund
  6. Subjective Morality
  7. Tolerance
  8. Unbiased Reporting
  9. Voice of the Faithful

Oxymoron and Misused Phrases Descriptions

All-Star (baseball)
All-star players are considered to be the best that the sport has to offer.

In reality, the way players are selected is a popularity contest, not directly based on skill.

A better name would be Most-Popular.

American Catholic Church
This philosophy advocates the perversion of the Roman Catholic Church to adopt hedonistic ideals.

It is not Catholic and is not American. This philosophy denies fundamental of each and attempts to mislead Americans who are Roman Catholic into supporting this philosophy without knowing what it truly is.

A better name would be Hedonistic Perversion of the Catholic Church.

American Civil Liberties Union
This organization (ACLU for short) fights legal battles on behalf of the leftist and Hedonist agenda.

It is not about freedom. The ACLU opposes religous rights except those of Atheists, civil rights of some people, and human rights of some people. They are not about liberties.

A better name would be Hedonist and Liberal Legal Advocates.

An alternate name could be (historical) All Communist Lawyers Union or (present) Anti-Christian Lawyer's Union.

As used by most self-claimed atheists in means lack of belief in an organized religion.

In the dictionary, an atheist is someone who do not believe in a God. Most self-claimed atheists follow the god of Hedonism or personal power (i.e. they are their god), so they do not lack a religion, and usually speak out only to force their religion, typically Hedonism, on others.

Better names would be Hedonist or Personal Power Seeker.

Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002
This law passed in the United States claims to improve campaign funding.

In reality, it makes it harder to unseat incumbents and harder for individual citizens to express their views.

A better name would be Incumbent Protection Act of 2002.

Cut in Government Spending
This phrase used by members of the United States Congress and various state governments indicates a reduction in the rate of growth of the government.

Usually when it is used, government spending is increasing, just not as fast as some members of the government desire.

A better name would be Smaller Increase in Government.

Inclusionary Text (in Bible Translations)
This term advocates the deliberate changing of bible translations to use gender-neutral language rather than using translating using the gender in the original text.

For Bible Translations to be good translations, they must adhere to the original context and meaning. Any changes to the original context or meaning makes the entire translations invalid.

A better name would be Feminist Text.

Mainstream (in politics)
See Moderate (in politics).

Moderate (in politics)
Political moderates claim to represent the view of the majority of people. Mainstream is used as an alterate to Moderate.

In reality, they either lack strong convictions and will do whatever it takes to obtain and maintain their power or they have views but do not want people to know or understand all of them.

A better name would be One without Strong Convictions or Deceiver.

Modernism (in the Catholic Church)
Modernism in the Catholic Church is about introducing Hedonism into the Church.

These are not modern ideas; Hedonism predates Christianity.

A better name would be Hedonistic Corruption.

National Education Association
The National Education Association (NEA) is a teacher's union and claims to value quality education in America.

In reality, the National Education Association is a teacher's union that does not want teachers to be accountable for the actual learning (or lack of learning) of their students and also seeks to indoctrine students in the ways of Hedonism. Note that many members do not have the option of not being a member and are good teachers who care about their students. The NEA routinely opposes enhancements to the American Education systems that would significantly help students learn, if they feel it has the potential to diminish their power in any way.

A better name would be National Association of Unaccountable Biased Teachers

National Organization of Women
The National Organization of Women is a group of liberal women in the United States advocating Hedonism and female domination of all men while denying the essence of womanhood.

They do not represent, and actually act against the best interests of, the majority of women in the United States.

A better name would be National Organization of Hedonistic Women who want to Dominate Men.

Personally Pro-Life (politics)
This is used by politicians that claim to be personally pro-life but also believe that women have the right to choose (to murder their children in the womb).

They are not
pro-life as they do not recognize the rights of the living human being within the womb. They just would not elect to abort their own children.

A better name would be Pro-Choice to Murder your Children and Deceitful as well.

Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood is an organization committing to denying the rights of some human beings, encouraging the murder for selfish reason of unborn children, and promoting a lifestyle of hedonism. Their major philosophy is sex with anyone anywhere regardless of the consequences.

It is not about responsible planned parenthood at all.
STOPP International has further information about their anti-family agenda.

A better name would be Planned Hedonism.

A alternative name could be Planned Unparenthood for Unplanned Parenthood.

Politically Correct
Politically Correct claims to be non-offensive speech for all people

It is lies, deceptions, or slanted opinion designed to hide the truth and morality.

A better name would be Truthfully Deceptive.

Pro-Choice is used to represent the views of those who want the right to kill their children in the womb.

It is not about freedom for all people at all.

A better name would be Pro-Choice to Murder your Children.

Pro-Choice Catholic
Pro-Choice Catholic is used by individuals who want the right to kill their children in the womb, and want all the benefits of being Catholic but none of the obligations.

No true Catholic can be Pro-Choice. Choosing to kill innocents is a grave moral evil as is enabling others to do so. The Catholic Church teachs infallibly that abortion is gravely wrong under all circumstances.

A better name would be Pro-Choice to Murder your Children and falsely claiming to be Catholic.

Progressive Theology
This is a classification applied to some theology trying to lead people to think that they are open-minded and searching for the whole Truth.

In reality, it is Dissent from the Truth and deceptive self-justifications for dissent.

A better name would be Dissenting Theology.

Safe Sex
This is a claim that sex using a condom as long as the parties question each other about sexual diseases is safe.

Sex is safe only in marriage when both spouses with the marriage are commited to each other for life, are healthy physically, mentally, and psychologically, and the act will not adversely affect either spouse.

A better name would be Harmful Sex.

Separation of Church and State (US)
This is a mistatement of the United States Constitution that the government shall not establish a religioun, but in practice today, it is about establishing hedonism as the government religion, particularly in the public schools.

The concept is that the Church should not make government laws (but can advocate moral positions and moral laws), and the state will not regulate religious practice.

A better name for how it it used by the media and liberal left would be Hedonism as a National Religion.

Social Security Trust Fund
This is a mythical construct used to United States politicians to make people believe that Social Security in the future is funded.

There is no trust fund, collected Social Security Taxes go right into the general fund and Social Security payments come out of the general fund.

A better name would be Social Security Funding Myth.

Subjective Morality
Subjective Morality claims that all morality is determined by the opinion of the holder.

In reality, Morality is objective based on Truth.

A better name would be Hedonism.

This is used by liberals in the United States to try to make those who oppose their agendas look like bigots for opposing a statement of views.

Tolerance as used is a myth, applicable to only the liberal agenda and does not apply to other view points.

A better name would be Liberal or Hedonistic Thinking.

Unbiased Reporting
Most the media claimed to be unbiased in their reporting, i.e. that they are presenting just the facts.

In reality, most of those who claim to be unbiased, define that their view point is the norm and reporting according to it is unbiased, even though most are truly biased in their reporting.

A better name would be 'My Viewpoint' Reporting.

Voice of the Faithful
This is a group of catholic advocating major changes in the Roman Catholic Church.

In reality, they are not faithful to the teaching of the magisterium of the church. They do not represent at all the voice of the faithful, the overwhelming majority of all billion Catholics in the world.

A better name would be Voice of the Unfaithful Dissidents.

Advocate the Truth and only the Truth and the world will be a better place.

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