Send Your Unwanted Money Here!

If you have money that you do not want or feel burdened by, please give it to me.

I have many things that I and my wife can use money on, some helping myself and many helping others.

I have had the misfortunes of extremely long periods of unemployment, terrible debt loads (which resulted in bankruptcy), lack of medical insurance (I finally got Medicare, my wife is still not covered), my wife abused by her adult (but behaves like a undiscipled child) son, and property theft by relatives. We had to move into an apartment and went through bankruptcy. I an now on Soc. Sec. disability, but the monthly income is less than the monthly outgo most months. Help us if you can.

With good seed capital, I might try implementing some of my good business ideas.

If I did not have to worry about paying the bills, I would provide no-cost spiritual direction (as my handicaps permit) and advertise to let it be known as well as enabling my wife to devote more time to her prayers cards. For more info about these activities check out the Divine Love Ministries page.

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Please send checks, cash, money orders, and stocks/bonds/deeds (with transfer section filled out and signed) to:

Thomas A. Stobie, SFO
13911 Conser, Apt. 1513
Overland Park KS 66223

Dove & Cross

Why did I put this page up?

Because of the old saying "Ask and you shall receive" - So I am asking.

What money will you not accept?

I do not want gained money from illegal or unethical activities.

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If you would rather support a charity directly, support

Catholic Charities of Kansas City in Kansas or Catholic Charities USA

If you want to fund the paperwork to get Divine Love Ministries to be a 503(c) organization for tax purposes, contact me.

Go to Thomas Stobie's Work Pages.

Last modified on 28 Mar 2006.