Prayer for those Seeking Work

Dear Lord,

I ask You to take charge of my search for work and open all doors necessary for me to get meaningful work that will in turn glorify You and provide me the ability to take care of my family.

I ask You to take care of my finances and provide for all my needs. If you desire that I do not work for money provide what I need to support my family. I thank You for Your loving care for me and my family.

I ask You to inspire those who could benefit from my capabilities that they might hear of my availability and be able to employ my services.

I ask You to help other job seekers in their efforts to find meaningful employment.

I ask You to inspire all those who see my resume that they my truly understand the great value I offer their organization and how I would best fit into their organization or the organizations that employ them.

I ask You to bless those recruiting firms and those recruiters within them that consider the true needs of their clients and go the extra mile to meet them. I ask You to forgive those that treat the clients and job applicants as personless objects to be compartmentalized.

I ask You to bless those Human Resource professionals that consider their organization's overall best interest and that consider unusual well-qualified candidates and work within the organization to create appropriate positions for them. I ask You to forgive those Human Resource employees that do not consider the best interests of their corporation and do only simple matching of applicants with known positions.

I ask You to bless those corporations that hire employees that place You first, God, and that You inspire their work to be the best possible for the organization and that the corporation does very well in its markets.

I ask You to bless those organizations that consider employees more than just resources and treat them humanely. I ask You to forgive and encourage change in those organizations that do not treat their employees well.

I thank You for answering this prayer and providing for those seeking to support their families.

I ask all this in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and thank You, O Loving God, in advance for Your help. Amen.

O Mary, Queen of Heaven, intercede with your Son, your Father, and your Spouse, to gain for me and all honest job seekers meaningful employment with honest organizations. Thank you, O Sweet Mary, for your intercessions.

O St. Joseph, Patron of all those who work, intercede with your Loving Son, to gain for me and and those who seek meaningful work employment that we may support our families. Thank you, Just St. Joseph, for your prayers.

O St. Josemaria, Founder of Opus Dei (Work of God), pray for me and all jobseekers that we might find work to support our families while serving God. Thank you for your prayers.

O All Angels and Saints, pray to our loving God, for all those who seek meaningful honest employment that they might obtain it. Thank you for your prayers.

O Reader of this Webpage, please pray for all job seekers to our God, that we might find meaninging honest employment. Thank you for your prayers.

Dove & Cross

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