Thomas Stobie’s Suggestions for Government

I have tried to address points that I have not heard addressed often enough. I have many other ideas that others share and have expressed. If you would like to discuss any of these further please contact me.

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Categories of Suggestions

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  • Education
  • Family Values
  • Federal Programs
  • Human Rights
  • Local Programs
  • National Defense
  • Role of Government
  • Taxation
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    1. Abolish the Death Penalty in Most Cases
    2. All Tuition Should be Tax Free
    3. Allow Competition Among Labor Unions
    4. Allow Generic Drugs Earlier with Royalties
    5. Allow Parents to Choose Schools within School District
    6. Allow Permanent Payment of Property Tax
    7. Allow Public Schools to be Religious Schools
    8. Allow States to Overrule Certain Federal Laws
    9. Audit Federal Benefit Programs
    10. Automate Congressional Law Making Process
    11. Ban Abortion in All Forms
    12. Ban All Human Cloning
    13. Charitable Contribution Tax Credit
    14. Congressional Pay Linked to Congressional Performance
    15. Consolidate Federal Benefit Programs
    16. Consolidate Security Forces into the Military
    17. Corporate Tax Benefits for Worker's Children School Scholarships
    18. Create a Constitutional Court
    19. Customize Education for the Each Student
    20. Designate Streets as Primarily One-Directional
    21. Educational Vouchers for Primary & Secondary Education
    22. Eliminate Aged-Based Discrimination in Education
    23. Eliminate Agriculture Subsidies
    24. Eliminate All Toll Roads
    25. Eliminate Capital Gains Tax
    26. Eliminate Corporate Subsidies
    27. Eliminate Estate Tax
    28. Eliminate Federal Employee Exception from Social Security Tax
    29. Eliminate Federal Funding of the Arts
    30. Eliminate Government Funding of Sports
    31. Eliminate Hiring Quotas
    32. Eliminate Slavery in the United States
    33. Eliminate State Tax Deduction on Federal Income Tax
    34. Eliminate Tax Benefits for Non-charitable Trusts
    35. Eliminate Tax on Income Not Yet Received
    36. Eliminate the Marriage Penalty in Taxation
    37. Eliminate Unfunded Federal Mandates on the States
    38. Encourage Covenant Marriage
    39. Enforce the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
    40. Enhanced Presidential Powers when Congress Fails to Fulfill its Duties
    41. Establish a Social Security Trust Fund
    1. Excess Profits Tax on Monopolies
    2. Federal Budgeting Showing Administrative Overhead
    3. Federal Tax Simplification
    4. Foreign Aid in American Goods
    5. Give the President the Power to Shrink Government
    6. Grant the Right to Work
    7. Government Bailouts Repaid through Higher Taxation
    8. Higher Minimum Net Income for the Federal Income Tax
    9. Human Rights Begin At Conception Amendment
    10. Legalize Parents Giving Alcohol to Their Children
    11. Limit Monopoly Advertizing Expense when Calculating Taxes
    12. Line Item Veto Constitutional Amendment
    13. Low Security Prison Towns
    14. Maximum Federal Tax
    15. Maximum Size of the Federal Government Constitutional Amendment
    16. Migrate Income Tax to Consumption Tax
    17. Migrate the Social Security Tax to a Value Added Tax
    18. Modernize Congressional Procedures
    19. Negative Income Tax
    20. No Unsolicated Call List
    21. Penalize Members of Congress for Failure to Perform
    22. Permit Adults to Redo Parts of High School
    23. Permit and Enforce Discipline in the Schools
    24. Permit Contracting of Specialized Military Services to Other Organizations
    25. Permit Full Capital Gain Losses for Tax Purposes
    26. Permit Low Cost Medicine
    27. Permit Parental Choice between Teachers in the same School
    28. Permit Penalty Free Withdrawals from Retirement Accounts during Unemployment
    29. Permit Prior Year Losses to Reduce Income for Tax Purposes
    30. Prison Work Programs
    31. Privatize Airport Security
    32. Privatize Parts of the Federal Government
    33. Privatize the United States Post Office
    34. Promote Competition in Education
    35. Promote Competition in Local Phone Service
    36. Promote Low Cost Housing
    37. Promote Non-Fossil Fuel Energy Production
    38. Promote Free Trade
    39. Promote Professionism in Education
    40. Prosecute Election Slander
    41. Provide Civil Court Options for People desiring Truth & Justice
    1. Provide Half-way House for Immature Adult Delinquents
    2. Provide Non-Luxurious Prisons
    3. Provide Parents with Detailed Teacher Profiles
    4. Rapid Response Military Forces
    5. Recognize Families as Full-time Employees
    6. Recognize Professionals in all Government Positions
    7. Reduce Regulations in Education
    8. Replace Federal Student Grants with 0% Loans
    9. Replace Part of the Welfare Benefit with Clothes
    10. Replace Part of the Welfare Benefit with Food
    11. Require Advanced Notification for Executive Stock Transactions
    12. Require Auditors have No Conflict of Interest
    13. Require Confirmations for All Email Subscriptions
    14. Require Full Disclosure of Medical Pricing Prior to Service being Rendered
    15. Require Smoke-Free Entrances to all Public Buildings
    16. Restore Contruction Zone Speed Limits during Non-Working Hours
    17. Revise Construction Codes to Permit Alternative Building Materials
    18. Schools Open Year Round
    19. Simplify Federal Laws
    20. Skill-Based Standards in Education
    21. Special Sales Tax on Entertainment
    22. Special Sales Tax on Weapons & Ammunition
    23. Stock Options should be Taxable when Exercised
    24. Stop Advocating Hedonism and Atheism as the National Religions
    25. Stop Encouraging Racism
    26. Stop Promoting Immorality
    27. Students Given School Chores
    28. Students Held Responsible for School Property
    29. Students Teaching Students
    30. Tax Eminent Domain
    31. Tax-Free Medicine
    32. Tax Illegal Activities
    33. Tax Illegal Substances
    34. Tax Political Contributions
    35. Tax the Taking of Human Life
    36. Teacher Bonuses Based on Improvement
    37. Teacher Pay Based on Teaching Ability
    38. United States Government should recognize the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
    39. Use Local Transport Services for Student Bussing
    40. Vary Local Schools through Specialization
    41. Young Adults with Discipline Problems Sentenced to Serve in the Military

    The Suggestions