Thomas Stobie’s Business Ideas

I can go into much more detail on each of these items including why they are good ideas. They are listed here briefly to get people thinking about what is possible. Click to get a description to what the item refers. If you need ideas in a particular industry and want to try me out, contact me.

Idea Index

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  1. Adaptable Wheelchair (Handicapped Scooter)
  2. Agenda Based Mutual Fund
  3. Air Filtering including Plants
  4. Bill Payment Service
  5. Cable Customer-Specific Advertizing
  6. Call Back Customer Service
  7. Communal Based Housing
  8. Comprehensive Career Management
  9. Comprehensive Drug Database
  10. Computerized Medicine
  11. Computerized Meeting Room Tables
  12. Consumer Buyer
  13. Cost Efficient Medicine
  14. Cubical Curtains
  15. Customer Service Provider
  16. Customized Clothing Crafting Machines
  17. Dentist Office Robot
  18. Drive-Thru Pharmacy
  19. Electronic Job Applications
  20. Employment Reference Repository
  21. Family-Oriented Credit Card
  22. Hanging Book Stand Octopus
  23. Holistic Telecommunications Service
  24. Home-Based Customer Service
  25. Home-Based Wind Mill
  26. Home Office Telecommuting Comprehensive Software
  27. Home Sliding Doors into Walls
  28. Housing Conduit
  29. Idea Generation Specialists
  30. Inexpensive Lettered Mail Alternate Carriers
  1. Inexpensive Remote Control Lawn Mowers/Snow Blowers
  2. Inexpensive Studio Apartments for Single Adults
  3. Integrated Conduit across Utilities
  4. Integrated Utility
  5. Investor Driven Mutual Funds
  6. Lawyerless Medicine
  7. Light-weight Electric Cars
  8. Local Wiring Provider
  9. Lounge Chair Computer Furniture
  10. Luxury Movie Theaters
  11. Managed Money Checking Accounts
  12. Medical Insurance with Optional Coverages
  13. Medical Taxi
  14. Meeting Centers
  15. Metabolic Medicine
  16. Mini-Refrigator
  17. Mobile Emergency Response Command Posts
  18. Modular Automobiles
  19. Multi-Image Sports Broadcasts
  20. Office Building to Airport Shuttle
  21. Office Building with Mall Lower Levels
  22. Old Computer Recycling & Reuse
  23. Operating Systems Upgrades without Rebooting
  24. Philosophy-based Mutual Funds
  25. Pre-built Modular Housing
  26. Pro-Life Health Care
  27. Pro-Life Insurance
  1. Product Use Advertising in Television Dramas
  2. Quality Consumer Advertizement Email Service
  3. Quick Recharging Batteries
  4. Religious-based Apartment Complexes
  5. Residental Homes with Attached Apartments
  6. Revolving Kitchen Pantry
  7. Separate Heating & Cooling Ductwork
  8. Shopping Mall with Parking Core
  9. Shoulder Sash Storage Belt
  10. Small Low-Cost Computer Base Units
  11. Solar Cell Roofing Tiles
  12. Sound-Deadening Phone Helmet
  13. Sports Arena Shopping Mall
  14. Stilted Buildings with Parking Underneath
  15. Strategic Mutual Funds
  16. Technical Consulting over the Internet
  17. Television Advertisement Partitions
  18. Television Boosted Volume Silencer
  19. Television Network Replay Channels
  20. Variable Credit Card Minimum Payment
  21. Variable Height Lounging Furniture
  22. Virtual Education Rooms
  23. Virtual Reality Centers
  24. Virtual World Sports Competitions
  25. Wider Airplane Seats
  26. Wind Generators on Telecommunications Towers
  27. Wireless Public Transport Summoning Devices

One of my talents is generating good ideas for businesses and other organizations, both in general and for specific organizations. If you need some fresh ideas to improve your organization, send me an email.

Idea Descriptions

If you are interested in developing one of these, contact me.

  1. Adaptable Wheelchair (Handicapped Scooter)

    Design a wheelchair/scooter for the handicapped that adjusts to the space and purposes for which it is being used. The seat should swivel to permit using as a chair (away from the steering handle/foot rest) at tables.

  2. Agenda Based Mutual Fund

    Establish Mutual Funds that buy investments in corporations that promote their agenda. An example would be a pro-life mutual fund that only invests in corporations that value the dignity of human life.

  3. Air Filtering including Plants

    Plants help clean pollutants out of the air. Developing an air filtering systems that incorporate plants as part of it.

  4. Bill Payment Service

    Provide a service to pay routine bills, utility, property tax, mortgage, car payment, etc. on an ongoing basis.

  5. Cable Customer-Specific Advertizing

    Permit cable customer to select the time of advertizing that they prefer or pay extra to select news updates instead. Include volume control options as many customers object to the boosted volume of advertisements. I for one am less like to buy from an boosted ad than a non-boosted ad.

  6. Call Back Customer Service

    Calling Customer Service today for most companies and government agencies involves calling at toll-free number, then waiting on hold for a period of time (sometimes seconds, more often minutes or tens of minutes). An option should be available for the customer to leave a phone number and have a customer service representative contact them when they are available. This would eliminate the longer hold times and save the company money by reduced communications bills and improved customer satisfaction.

  7. Communal Based Housing

    Develop apartment living utilizing a mixture of common shared areas and private family areas. The private area should have small kitchens and family sitting rooms while the common areas will have large well-equiped communal kitchens, many sitting/television/recreation areas, and a gynasium with swimming pool. There may also be office space (rented) usable for home-based businesses of the tenants.

  8. Comprehensive Drug Database

    Develop a comprehesive drug database crossindexing drugs across anonymous patients and drug testings to assist doctors in understanding how metabolism affects the effectiveness and side effects of various drug alternatives so that they can made better medical decisions on a patient by patient basis.

  9. Comprehensive Career Management

    Form a comprehensive career management firm that not only recruits for organizations, but also works with the individuals to attain temporary positions while searching for their long term objective positions.

  10. Computerized Medicine

    Automate medical records, eliminate vasts amount of paper, integrate information, and provide it in usable formats, provide some automated analysis of medical information, integrate accross medical technologies & share information between providers. This should include both the clinical and business sides of medicine. This would also facilitate a comprehensive drug database. See more details on this idea.

  11. Computerized Meeting Room Tables

    Develop a table for meeting rooms that include built in computer screens, allows for multiple mouses and keyboards, and has a control center that allows for multiple forms of media.

  12. Consumer Buyer

    Handle purchasing for consumers for a wide variety of items acting as their agent, acquiring significant discounts for them on quality products and meetings the consumers needs and wants.

  13. Cost Efficient Medicine

    Develop Medical Clinics that provide medical services at efficient prices. This may require laws permit difficult types of facilities that provide different levels of services. Lawyerless medicine would help keep costs reasonable.

  14. Cubical Curtains

    Design Curtains to hang from the ceiling down to the tops of office cubical partitions, which would be used to reduce the general noise in the office and grant additional privacy. They should permit a majority of the light to travel through them.

  15. Customer Service Provider

    Form a corporation to provide high quality customer-focused customer service for other corporations.

  16. Customized Clothing Crafting Machines

    Create a machine that working directly with a customer can create clothing customized for them by taking accurate measurements, inquring about type of fit desired, materials, style, etc.

  17. Dentist Office Robot

    Develop a robot that is capable of all the standard dental cleaning and examination procedures under the guidance of a trained dental professional with specially design limbs and instruments to minimize the amount of uncomfort for the patients.

  18. Drive-Thru Pharmacy

    Build Pharmacies with drive-thru for prescription pickups.

  19. Electronic Job Applications

    Eliminate the endless paper job applications with an automated electronic job application, that remembers for each person their vital information, while adapting to the needs of the individual employers.

  20. Employment Reference Repository

    Have an online repository to contain employment references (compiled gradually over time when the work is done that is being referenced). Currently in the job market, contacts and not quality of work are the biggest factor in acquiring new employment. This repository would attempt to be a counterforce advocating quality work.

  21. Family-Oriented Credit Card

    This consists of a master account with subordinate accounts usable by family members with their own limits and balances. This should include automatic payment of the subordinate accounts by the master account at a rate set by the master account with one bill sent to the master account. Allowances for emergency credit limit raises on subordinate accounts should be available. Great for families with older children or spouses that can not handle credit cards well.

  22. Hanging Book Stand Octopus

    Develop a multi-armed movable book stand octopus, usable when people want or need to have multiple books open simultaneously during research efforts. It should be usable by someone working on paper as well as someone working on a computer.

  23. Holistic Telecommunications Service

    Offer an integrated telecommunications service that include phone, internet, and wireless working seamlessly together. As a user-settable option, it should recognize when the cell phone is in the home and route cell phone calls to the home phone overflowing to the cell phone if busy.

  24. Home-Based Customer Service

    By using modern technology, organizations can have customer services representatives based out of their own homes, saving most of the office expense. This also permits having people on-call to handle high customer service loads.

  25. Home-Based Wind Mill

    Develop a low-cost wind mill power generation system designed for deployment at individual residences.

  26. Home Office Telecommuting Comprehensive Software

    Provide a comprensive software solution to support telecommuting.

  27. Home Sliding Doors into Walls

    Design and utilize a door that slides into the walls in the home. In many places it would work better than swinging doors.

  28. Housing Conduit

    Deploy conduit within homes, apartments, and office buildings to allow for the adding of wiring for additional electrical or telecom requirements.

  29. Idea Generation Specialists

    Have a group of individuals tasked with generating good ideas for specific companies and industries. They would generate high-level ideas and go into more specific details when requested. They could be paid either with a fixed fee, a contract rate, or a commision on the ideas used. I am willing to be one of these idea generators. Some of Consulting Sages Services do this.

  30. Inexpensive Lettered Mail Alternate Carriers

    Provide an alternate service competing with the U.S. Post Office for carrying mail. These carriers may have limited delivery days. Laws may have to be changed granting access to mailboxes by non-U.S. Post Office deliverers.

  31. Inexpensive Remote Control Lawn Mowers/Snow Blowers

    Produce a remote controllable lawn mower/snow blower that uses radio controls. People who a physically unable to mow or remove snow could use these to perform these functions.

  32. Inexpensive Studio Apartments for Single Adults

    Design an apartment complex with inexpensive small studio apartments, supported by communal rooms, gyms, etc. This allows a fairly small apartment but allows the single adults space to mingle/socialize if they wish.

  33. Integrated Conduit across Utilities

    Develop an integrated conduit for electricity, gas, water, and/or telecommunications (voice, data, cable TV) and use for burying underground, particularly the last mile distribution.

  34. Integrated Utility

    One provider providing electricity, gas, water, and telecommunications (voice, data, cable TV). This may be done on a resale basis using other companies to actually provide service, but should provide an integrated bill and customer service to the customers.

  35. Investor Driven Mutual Funds

    Provide mutual funds where investors as input into the specific purchasing and selling of the fund.

  36. Lawyerless Medicine

    Develop an option to medical plans that allow the insuree to select a lawyerless option to significantly reduce the cost of the medical plan.

  37. Light-weight Electric Cars

    Develop a light weight Electric Car designed for local commuting. I would include solar panels on the roof/trunk for recharging in addition to an electric feed from an commercial outlet. I would design it around independent electric motors for each wheel. It is a good candidate for modular construction of automobiles. This may include working with the government to loosen some of the requirements currently placed on automobiles.

  38. Local Wiring Provider

    Deploy an integrated wiring solution for telecom, television cable, and electrical power to provide an alternative to incumbents for alternative service providers.

  39. Lounge Chair Computer Furniture

    Design computer furniture designed for use with lounge chairs and sofas. It should include movable platforms for the monitor, keyboard, and mouse pad that permit a user to also watch television.

  40. Luxury Movie Theaters

    Provide comfortable seats with occasional side tables in a movie theater. This may include love seats so couples can sit close together.

  41. Managed Money Checking Accounts

    For those people who have difficult managing money (long-term) or feel that a dollar in the hand is best spent, introduce a managed money checking account, which takes all income, preferably through direct deposit, manages regular payments, such as utilities, mortgage or rent payments, and installment debt, provides for short-term cash and for savings, according to a budget established by the account owner with the aid of professional financial planners. Procedures should be established to permit emergency access to funds.

  42. Medical Insurance with Optional Coverages

    Introduce medical insurance that contains options that allow the insured to select the coverages that they desire. Coverage areas may include pregnancy care, expensive drugs (particularly of a fad kind), nursing home care, etc. Lawyerless medicine should be one of these options.

  43. Medical Taxi

    For moving of patients not requiring extensive medical care, use medical taxis instead of ambulances.

  44. Meeting Centers

    Establish meeting centers in metropolitian areas with full video conferencing facilities to provide businesses an alternative to the more expense travel. These centers can also be used for receptions, conferences, weekend activities, etc. It should include Computerized Meeting Room Tables that can be linked to other rooms during the video teleconferences. This can also be done by corporations in their own distributed sites for their internal use (as well as interoperating with centers outside the corporation).

  45. Metabolical Medicine

    Develop this field of medicine focusing on understanding the specific metabolism of the patient and using this advise on how to best treat the patient to other fields of medicine. Too much of today's medicine assumes that one size fits all. Computerized Medicine would be very helpful to metabolic medicine due to the amount of data required and in cross-referencing to patients with similiar metabolisms. A comprehensive drug database would be a valuable tool for metabolic medicine.

  46. Mini-Refrigator

    Provide a small refrigator with water and ice access for use in offices and family rooms. I would recommend sizes varying from about 1 cubic foot to 3 foot high by 2 feet wide by 2 feet deep.

  47. Mobile Emergency Response Command Posts

    Develop a mobile command post (possibly Humvee based), equipped with adequate computers and communications devices, to direct emergency responses in major situations. This could be used by Police, Fire Departments, Medical personel, and/or military personnel to rapid coordinate responses to emergency situations.

  48. Modular Automobiles

    Develop automobiles that use sharable modular components obtainable from anyone who follows the open manufacturing standard. This should allow for multiple engine (including different power sources), multiple chassis, multiple wheel, multiple seat, etc options for each vehicle.

  49. Multi-Image Sports Broadcasts

    Make available to sports bars and similiar venues, multiple images from sporting events, not just the primary broadcast image.

  50. Office Building to Airport Shuttle

    Arrange with companies to provide office building to airport transportation, allowing companies to reduce travel expenses through fares less expensive than airport parking and mileage expenses.

  51. Office Building with Mall Lower Levels

    Build a complex with adequate parking garages that is a many-stored office building with the lowest one or two floors as part of a shopping mall.

  52. Old Computer Recycling & Reuse

    Reuse old computers, available at low costs, to perform dedicated services. There is a lot of inexpensive computing power out there for someone who finds uses for older computers.

  53. Operating Systems Upgrades without Rebooting

    Develop or enhance an Operating System to permit the majority of upgrades to itself and associated processes not to require rebooting to use.

  54. Philosophy-based Mutual Funds

    Establish Mutual Funds that invest in organizations that support a common philosophy, such as Pro-Life, clean energy, etc.

  55. Pre-built Modular Housing

    Develop housing components that can be built in an automated factory and assembled onsite. Incorporate wiring, plumbing, insulation, etc. in the design.

  56. Pro-Life Health Care

    Develop a health care plan based on pro-life principles, where all medical professionals must be pro-life and place the patient first, procedures that avoid personal litigation established to deal with health care and malpractice issues, reduced malpractice insurance for medical professionals, reduction in medical administration, automated medical record keeping and exchange, and focus on total health care. A low cost option should be available that avoids many of the more expensive procedures and medications in favor of less costly alternatives.

  57. Pro-Life Insurance

    Introduce insurance designed for people that are pro-life. Pro-life people are more loving, forgiving, and thoughtful of others, so should have lower costs associated with provided them insurance, whether life, health, automobile, home, or disability.

  58. Product Use Advertising in Television Dramas

    Advertize products in television dramas (fiction, biographies, etc.) by showing their use in the drama.

  59. Quality Consumer Advertizement Email Service

    Provide an service for providing advertizing to consumers via email that the consumer authorizes and has control of the number and type of messages.

  60. Quick Recharging Batteries

    Develop batteries that have the ability to be full recharged quickly (less than 5 minutes). If it requires a special recharger or fuel exchanger these could be sold to service stations.

  61. Religious-based Apartment Communities

    Develop apartment communities based on certain religious beliefs with significant communal areas.

  62. Residental Homes with Attached Apartments

    Produce single-family residences with one or two small attached apartments. These apartments can be used for adult children, eldery parents, house cleaner, etc.

  63. Revolving Kitchen Pantry

    Develop revolving (horizontal and vertical) pantries of different sizes to permit easier access to kitchen cabinet space.

  64. Separate Heating & Cooling Ductwork

    Most houses today use a common ductwork for both heating and cooling, resulting in either poor heating or cooling in some places of the house. By designing the ductwork specifically for heating and specifically for cooling these spots can be avoided. There can be common ductwork with complete blocking of flow available to shut off certain portions of the ductwork.

  65. Shopping Mall with Parking Core

    Develop Shopping Malls with a central parking garage as its core. Provide multiple entrances from the core garage into the mall at the different levels as well as external interfaces.

  66. Shoulder Sash Storage Belt

    Develop a wide shoulder sash (leather or plastic) with storage compartments for glasses, cell phone, wallet, passport, loose change, etc. with clips that can be used to hold up pants (like suspenders) and a zippered pocket in the back for money or valuables. These belts would be of great use for people who do not like burdening their pants pockets down as well as for overweight people and people on the run a lot of the time. Variants could be developed for craftsmen of various professions.

  67. Small Low-Cost Computer Base Units

    Develop a low-cost computer base unit, with a small harddisk and motherboard, designed to be connected to a home or small business network. It should have ports of mouse, keyboard, monitor, speakers, and a couple more for input drivers. May even be built in a keyboard.

  68. Solar Cell Roofing Tiles

    Developing a roofing tile that incorporates some solar energy technology to utilize the light and/or heat appled to the roofing tiles.

  69. Sound-Deadening Phone Helmet

    For those people who like to yell or speak loudly while using the phone, produce a helmet that deadens the sound to those around them.

  70. Sports Arena Shopping Mall

    Build shopping malls around sports arenas and grant privledges to fans attending sporting events, such as free parking in mall parking garages.

  71. Stilted Buildings with Parking Underneath

    Construct buildings (offices, shops, hospitals, etc.) with the main floors above ground level raised on supports with sufficient parking underneath to handle its parking requirements.

  72. Strategic Mutual Funds

    Have mutual funds that look for corporations with good long term strategies and design the fund around long-term gain. This may include restrictions on redemptions from the funds, such as one month notice prior to redemption, etc.

  73. Technical Consulting over the Internet

    Provide solid technical consulting from experts all over the world to clients all over the world using the internet. I am willing to be such a consultant.

  74. Television Advertisement Partitions

    For news and other programs not requiring the full screen, partition the screen to allow for a small ad window, where silent ads run during the program. Increase the length of the program and reduce ad breaks during it.

  75. Television Boosted Volume Silencer

    Develop an automatic control that mutes all messages on television with boosted volumes. This can be applied to radio broadcasts as well.

  76. Television Network Replay Channels

    Have a television network replay channel that replays broadcast programming with a time delay of a few hours or a day. Too often, either there is nothing good to watch or multiple good programs to watch on at the same time. By offering the delayed replay channel, more people could see the programming.

  77. Variable Credit Card Minimum Payment

    Introduce Credit Cards that credit payments above the minimum payments or some percentange of the extra payment towards future minimum payments.

  78. Variable Height Lounging Furniture

    Provide the ability to adjust the height of sofas, padded arm chairs, love seats to better fit the user.

  79. Virtual Education Rooms

    Develop and introduce into communities, virtual education rooms, where students can better experience what they are learning about. This rooms would have computer screens on all walls and special sound systems to provide an usual education experience.

  80. Virtual Reality Centers

    Establish Virtual Reality Centers that permit individuals and group to experience a virtual reality. This can be used for entertainment, shopping (virtual shopping malls that can result in orders to manufacturers), business (including as Meeting Centers), education (including as virtual education rooms), recreation (including as sites for Virtual World Sports Competitions), etc. It can be interlinked with high bandwidth telecommunications to other centers and virtual world providers.

  81. Virtual World Sports Competitions

    Establish sports using a virtual world where fantasy items or changes in the natural laws might apply. The players would be experts at manipulating in this environment using virtual reality suits.

  82. Wider Airplane Seats

    Deploy a few wider airplane seats in coach and charge a slighter higher fee for them ($10-$20) for their use.

  83. Wind Generators on Telecommunications Towers

    Deploy Generators powered by the wind on telecommunications towers and sell excess power to electric companies.

  84. Wireless Public Transport Summoning Devices

    Deploy wireless public transport summoning devices which alert nearby buses where passengers are waiting. This allows the bus service to provide additional services and closer to the desired origination and destination pickups and dropoffs. The buses would have a route that allows deviating to the additional pickup & dropoff locations.

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