Thomas Stobie’s Ideas for a Better Community

I can go into much more detail on each of these items including why they are good ideas. They are listed here briefly to get people thinking about what is possible. Click to get a description to what the item refers. If you need ideas in a particular area and want to try me out, contact me.

Category Index

  1. Family Ideas
  2. Media Ideas
  3. Societal Ideas

Idea Index

  1. Advocate Courtesy Everywhere
  2. Advocate Traditional Family Values
  3. Depict Police Officers as Friends
  4. Eliminate Ad Volume Boasting
  5. Eliminate Racial Tagging
  6. Give Children Responsibility Early
  7. Parents Should Teach their Children Responsible Drinking
  8. Promote Commitment in Marriage
  9. Show Media Personality Alignment
  10. Stop Tolerating Immorality
  11. Teach Sex Only in Marriage

Idea Descriptions