Rules for a Good Life

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO


These rules are designed to help everyone to live a good life. I have deliberately omitted rules about God and religion to make these rules acceptible across all religions as well as for those who declare no religion.

I have tried to relate each rule to the specific commandment(s) (in the column labelled Com.) of the ten commandments and the specific article(s) (in the column labelled Art.) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Rules for a Good Life

# Rule Com. Art.
Adverse Effects of Violating
Legal Enforcement
1 Devote time to rest and leisure. 3 24
Human minds and bodies need time away from stress and work to relax, to recover endurance, to maintain their optimal thinking abilities, and to care for their family.
Effects of Violating: Excessive Stress, Fatigue, Reduced Productivity, Physical Breakdown, & Inability to Think Coherently.
Legal Enforcement: Laws should exist to prohibit employers from demanding that employees work excessively.
2 Respect & obey legimate authority. 4 28 & 29(2)
Obey all legimate authority in all legimate requests. Authorities include your governments, employers, parents while living in their home, teachers, property owners of property used, church leaders in your faith, etc. Requests only need to be heeded when legimate. (For example, a government should not order you to worship in a particular faith and if it did so, the request would not be legimate.)
Effects of Violating: Chaos, Anarachy, Unemployment, Reduced Productivity, Loss of Property Use, Imprisonment, Fines, Civil Unrest, & Family Turmoil.
Legal Enforcement: Governments should enforce their laws and ensure proper respect for government officials, such as police officers on duty.
? You shall fulfill your responsibilities, use authority wisely, and love your family. 4 ?
Acknowledge and fulfill all responsiblities you have be given in a moral way. Any authority you have been entrusted with, use wisely and morally to serve those entrusted to your authority. Love your family.
Effects of Violating:
Legal Enforcement:
3 Raise your Children wisely. 4 12, 16(3), 25, & 26(3)
Parents have the right and duty to raise their children to be good people. Parental rights come from their responsibilities as a parent and include their rights to (1) choose how their children will be raised and educated, what religion they will practice, with whom their children can associate, & how they will discipline their children and (2) use appropriate means to protect their children from harm and care for their physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. These rights are conditional on the parents properly caring for and safegaurding their children in a non-abusive manner.
Effects of Violating: Unruly Children, Unruly Adults, Increased Violence, & State Brainwashing of its people.
Legal Enforcement: Governments should support fully parential rights and only interfer with the family when the children are at risk of harm.
Personal Health
? Do not harm or kill other humans. 5 1, 3, & 5
Each human being has a right to life and not to be harmed by others.
Effects of Violating: Death, Physical Injury, Imprisonment, Violence, & Terrorism.
Legal Enforcement: Government should create laws to protect human life from conception to national death and should strictly enforce them.
? You shall respect all human life. 5 ?
All human life is sacred. You shall do your best to preserve and nuture human life. This applies both to all others regardless of location as well as yourself. You are 100% pro-life.
Effects of Violating:
Legal Enforcement:
? You shall keep sex holy. 6 ?
Keep sex holy. Sex is holy only (1) in covenant marriage between a man and a women as an act of sacrificial love and (2) when open to new life.
Effects of Violating:
Legal Enforcement:
Property Rights
4 Respect others property. 7 17 & 27
Respect the property of others.
Effects of Violating: Unsafe living areas, Theft, Vandalism, Disrespect of Authority, & Civil Disorder
Legal Enforcement: Governments should protect the property rights of all people.
5 Use goods entrusted to you wisely. 7 17 & 25
Be good stewards of all property entrusted to you.
Effects of Violating: Reduced Property Values, Reduced Happiness, Damaged Property, & Uncaring People.
Legal Enforcement: Government may restrict with people can do with property to preserve the lives and property of others.
6 Be good stewards of the environment. 7 25 & 29
Take care of the world for current and future generations.
Effects of Violating: Pollution, Loss of Life, Hazardous Locales, Species Extinction, Reduced Quality of Life, & Uncaring People
Legal Enforcement: Governments should take efforts, individually and collectively to protect and preserve the environment for current and future generations.
? You shall respect and honor the truth in your words and deeds. 8 ?
Embrace the truth fully and bear witness to it. Live your life in honesty in both word and deed.
Effects of Violating: Dishonesty, Untruthworthiness, Corrupt Governments, & Emotional Distress.
Legal Enforcement: Governments should enforce honesty in public dealings.
Proper Thinking
? You shall keep your heart pure. 9 ?
Practice chastity in mind, heart, and soul avoiding those things that lure you to be impure.
Effects of Violating:
Legal Enforcement:
? You shall live humbly thanking God for all things. 10 ?
Accept what God has given humbly. Thank God for what you have. Be poor in spirit. Avoid envy and greed.
Effects of Violating:
Legal Enforcement:
? Select a religion that fulfills your spiritual needs. NA 18
Every person has the right to select religion to meet their spiritual needs. This right does not extend to infringing on the rights of others.
Effects of Violating: Unhappiness, Lack of Spiritual Growth, State indoctrination of a chosen set of beliefs (such as Hedonism in the United States Public Schools.)
Legal Enforcement: Governments should respect religious choice and not favor any one religion over another (or other set of beliefs).
? Every adult is free to choose to enter a life-long covenant marriage with an adult of the opposite sex. NA 16
Every adult person has the right (but not the obligation) to enter a life-long covenant marriage with an adult of the opposite sex (who freely chooses this marriage) to form and raise a family. Marriage should not be dissolvable and parties entering a marriage should be willing to sacrifice for each other.
Effects of Violating: Unhappiness, Divorce, Broken Families, Abusive with Families & Civil Disorder.
Legal Enforcement: Governments should promote covenant marriage between adults of opposite sex and not permit divorce except under extreme circumstances. Laws should encourage stable families. Governments should never support arrangements of living with a sex partner without the lifetime commitment of covenant marriage.


2008 by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO - permission to copy for personal, school, or church use is granted.

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