Society of Quality First Professionals

Quality First logo Quality First Professionals embody Integrity & Excellence. They always try to do the best for the organizations that employ them, avoiding organizational politics and considering the long term ramifications of what is being done. They are honest with their assessments, informing those with whom they work of any problems envisioned or alternate solutions that might work better. They endeavor that bring quality to everything which they are involved. Quality First logo

Society of Quality First Professionals

This society was formed 2 February 2002 to help quality professionals communicate about opportunities where a hard working professional with integrity would be valued.

The society is open to professionals, in any field, who share our work ethics.

Levels of Membership

Senior Member
Senior Members must have at least 10 years of actual work experience performing many different functions.
Members are individuals who have more than 5 years of actual work experience but do not yet qualify as senior members
Associate Member
Associate Members are individuals who uphold our principles but do not yet qualify as members or senior members.

Quality First Professionals

These members have consented to having their names listed and have links to their resumes provided.

Star Star Star Senior Members
Star Star Members
Star Associate Members

Member Membership
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Van A. Dorsey Star Star Star
Thomas A. Stobie, SFO Star Star Star's%20Resume.htm

Society Information and Membership

To join or ask questions about the society, please contact Thomas Stobie.

Q1Pro Yahoo Group

We have established a Yahoo Group to help communicate to other members. Check out Yahoo's page.

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