Various Spiritual Poems

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

May the Spirit of God fill you and reveal to you His truth using my hunble works for His Glory.

Index of Poems

Jesus in Me

I long for Jesus with all my heart,
to have Him in my soul never to part
I invite Him in mind, body, and soul,
and with Jesus I am always whole.

I focus my mind on His love today
wishing always to have Him stay
in the depth of my heart always
hoping that He never goes away.

I share my mind with my Lord,
listening in total to His Word,
sensing His thoughts and feelings too,
recreating myself in Him anew.

When He is in my mind,
I find myself gentle and kind,
Loving myself and my neighbor too,
Feeling His love and knowing its true.

I share my senses with Jesus my Lord,
sharing my feelings, thoughts, and words,
feeling his hurts at the sin all around,
wishing that for all, Love would be found.

Sharing with Jesus makes my joy great.
Living fully in Jesus is to celebrate.
United with Jesus never to cease,
Grants my soul a wonderful peace.

I grant Him dominion over my all,
tearing down my inner wall,
granting Him access to all I am,
trusting completely in the Paschal Lamb.
It Takes Three in Marriage

For any marriage to be great,
It takes three to participate.
Together they are a holy unity
Just like the Blessed Trinity.

Husband, Wife, and God working together
Deeply loving and caring for each other
United in prayer, faith, and life
Overcoming hardship, injury, and strife.

Communication in marriage is key,
Without it you suffer in misery.
Talking openly and often is vital
For any loving intimate family.

Feelings, thoughts, and ideas share freely
In undying love between the entire three,
Trusting in each other fully and openly,
Knowing that true love lives for eternity.

Holy, Blest, and Fortunate is a Marriage
Where each member gives his all
For the others' good in every age
Love unceasing and loving all.

God Heal America

(to the music of
Irving Berlin's
'God Bless America')

God heal America. Land that I love.
Reach inside her, and heal her
From great sin, with the life from above,
From the sinning, to now caring,
For all peoples, as they roam
God heal America, My home sweet home.
God heal America, My home sweet home.

God heal America. People I love.
Stand with them, and guide them
To the truth with the truth from above.
Not Aborting, but protecting
all the children in the womb.
God heal America, My home sweet home.
God heal America. My home sweet home.

God heal America. Home that I love.
Reach inside her, and heal her
From the blight with the light from above,
From a selfish, culture of death
To a lifestyle, based on love,
God heal America, My home sweet home.
God heal America, My home sweet home.

Small American flag
Cross in Heart image
In God I Trust

In God I place my trust
Trusting in His love for me
Knowing that He will take care
Of all those I love dearly.

I surrender all that I have,
And all that I can ever do,
Into His hands with love
Trusting that He will come through.

He know my needs better than I
And He will generously provide
Not only the needs that I know
but also those hidden from mind and soul.

I do my part in opening wide
Those avenues for Him to provide
Trusting in the Spirit to lead
To the paths fulfilling His side.

For in God I can trust
In His infinite perfect love
Showering on us His graces
And blessing us all from above.

He knows the depths of my heart,
My needs, desires, and longings.
His generousity knows no bounds;
Of his kindness I will joyfully sing.

Praise God for His Kindness
And love for His Children
Praise Him, all peoples, Praise Him
With Joy in our Hearts, never to end.

I thank my Wonderful God
For his gifts that he has showered
lovingly on me and my family.
May He forever be adored.
Remembering the Innocent

My Brothers and Sisters are dead,
Murdered as they tried to live,
Killed by the lost and misguided;
We must all fully come to forgive.

My soul cries out deeply in grief,
Knowing that the evil has not ceased,
For all over the world, it is goes on,
Adding each day to our family's deceased.

I pray for the end of the attrocities
Brought about for selfish and evil reasons.
I ask the Lord to watch over and protect
throughout all the world, each living person.

For all the victims of all countries,
And this is all Peoples, where ever they be
I pray for healing of all wounded souls,
and conversion of hearts toward love and mercy.

Whether in crashing planes by suicidal terrorists,
Car bombs, poisons, or paid abortionists;
Whether for greed, for power, or for pride,
I pray for conversion and healing worldwide.

For Governments too, do I pray for conversion
That they may stop supporting and permitting
Crimes against humanity in varying forms
Including all terrorism, slavery and abortion.

Celtic Cross
Looking at the Baby Jesus

I see a simple woman with her Loving Child,
our beloved lady with the infant Jesus.
She smiles as she hands me my sweet Lord,
the all-powerful, all-knowing, merciful Word.

In my arms is Jesus the Baby,
King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.
standing near is the beautiful Lady,
Grace-filled Mary, mother of the Word.

He is all sweetness and goodness ever known
laying in my arms, so quiet and mild.
In my actions, may my love for Him be shown,
He for my sake, became this simple child.

Jesus smiles His Love overwhelms me.
Filling me with His love so fine.
Calling me to love all with Him,
Love Incarnate, Love Eternal, Love Divine.

My soul leaps high upon His gaze.
His Joy fills me absolutely overwhelmingly.
O what must heaven in its glories be like
to share in God like this eternally.

I hand the Child back to His mother
falling on my knees in humble adoration
knowing this is my God who is so good
deserving all praise in endless adoration.

All Praise, all honor to our great King
of Whom my soul in endless awe shall sing.
For each of us, His endless mercy bring
So that we share in His Life unending.

Prayer for Help

O Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
In You I place my hope and trust.
Things now look so dark and grim;
Sufferings are many with no end apparent.
I do not know the answers but in You
I believe that things will work out all right.

I am Your child and come to You now,
Seeking Your help and comfort too
That my burdens be greatly lessened
So that I and my spouse can better
Serve you in love doing Your Holy Will
Furthering in this world Your love.

I am overwhelmed with my burdens
And come to you seeking your aid.
Provide for me, O Loving God, all I need
Reducing my burdens significantly.
I cry out in deep pain and anquish
Knowing that You will come to my aid.

Thank you O Most Generous Lord,
For meeting all of our needs
And reducing our burdens, one and all,
Enabling us to better serve You,
Helping those around us in Your Love,
Showering Your Graces upon us from above.


Poems by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO 2002-2003. Permission granted to copy for personal use.

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