Holy Sex


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Sex can be distinguished in two types, Holy Sex and Carnal Sex.

Classification of Sex

Attribute Holy Sex Carnal Sex
Definition Holy Sex is a sacrificial act of giving oneself totally to another unifying them into one being. Carnal Sex is an act of taking pleasure from another or one self.
Nature Physical & Spiritual Physical Only
Involvement of God Includes God and may involve prayer before, during and after sex. Excludes God
Orientation Other-oriented: Patient, Giving, & Builds up the couple Self-oriented: Impatient, Demanding, & Using of self and others
Foundation Love Lust
Abusiveness Never Abusive or Degrading Often Abusive and Degrading
Quality of Satisifaction Can be fully satisfying both Physically and Spiritually Sometimes Physically - Never Spiritually
Notes Holy Sex is only found in covenant marriage. It strengthens the love between the parties and between them and God. This is what married sex is intended to be. It is open to new life (at least the desire for new life even if physically impossible). It is promoted by the Church and the Culture of Life. All child abuse, masterbation, homosexual, extra-species, pre-maritial, and extra-maritial sex falls in this category. It is selfish and not always open to new life. It is also promoted by the current culture of Hollywood and other Hedonists to demise of society.

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