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Welcome to Divine Love Ministries.

The mission of Divine Love Ministries is to use our talents in the service of God by loving others as Jesus loves them.

Prayer Cards

My wife, Barbara Ann Reed Stobie, designs full paper-sized (8 1/2x11) prayer cards. You can contact her at wonderbarb@sprynet.com.

We have placed one of her cards, the red and purple heart rosary card, online and made it available for downloading. Click here to download the rosary card.

Image of a letter - Send comments to Barbara.

Barbara has designed the following cards:
  • [UC] indicates under construction.
  • Rosary Cards
    • Red & Purple Heart Rosary card
    • Cursillo Rosary card
    • Hispanic Rosary card
    • Priest's Rosary card
    • Prison Rosary card

    Other Cards
    • Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary card
    • Divine Mercy Chaplet card
    • Guardian Angel card
    • Vine and the Branches card

    Small [1/9 page] Prayer Cards
    • Mother Theresa of Calcuta
    • St. Philomena
    Saint Cards
    • Blessed Jeanne Jugan (biography)
    • Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha (biography)
    • [UC] Mother Theresa of Calcuta (biography) [UC]
    • Mother Theresa of Calcuta (prayer)
    • Sarah of the Old Testament (biography)
    • St. Anne (prayer)
    • St. Anthony of Padua (prayer)
    • [UC] St. Bellarmine (biography) [UC]
    • St. Bernadette "Maria Bernadette Soubirous" of Lordes (biography)
    • St. Christopher (biography)
    • St. David of Scotland (biography)
    • St. Joseph (prayer)
    • St. Justin (biography)
    • [UC] St. Michael the Archangel [UC]
    • [UC] St. Patrick (biography) [UC]
    • St. Raphael the Archangel
    • St. Teresa of Liseaux (biography)

    We are currently looking for a publisher and distributor for the cards. If you happen to know of one who would be interested in working with us, please let Thomas or Barbara know.

    We are also looking for an illustrator who likes to draw Saints and religious objects.

    Spiritual Direction & Meditations

    Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

    • A Spiritual Director trained and guided by the Holy Spirit who also writes spiritual meditations and discources on religious topics.

    • He will consider requests to address specific topics.

    • He may at some time write some books dealing with Spirituality.

    A number of my meditations are available on the internet, including:
    1. Being Poor in Spirit
    2. The Freedom of Obedience
    3. Gentleness - a Form of Love
    4. Getting the Most out of Confession
    5. Getting the Most out of Mass
    6. Growing in the Spiritual Desert
    7. Listening to God
    8. Little Rosary of Mysteries
    9. Living our Lives in Balance
    10. Loyalty to the Holy Father
    11. Meditation on Jesus right after the Incarnation
    Image of a red heart with a gold cross inside
    1. My Soul - the Dwelling Place of God
    2. Patience - Waiting in Holiness
    3. Seeing Others as Children of God
    4. Sharing in Jesus' Sufferings [UC]
    5. Stations of the Cross - Examination of Conscience [UC]
    6. Suffering in Holiness
    7. Suffering the Stations of the Cross with Jesus [UC]
    8. Thanking God for Everyday Things
    9. Understanding the Hearts of Jesus
    10. Why is Pope John Paul II So Lovable?
    Click on an item to go to it
  • [UC] indicates under construction - the links may not work yet.

  • If you have a particular topic on which you would like to see a meditation, email me and ask me for it.

    Religious Writings available on the web
    1. "Little Rosary of Mysteries" - a 30 minute meditative rosary on the 20 mysteries on the Rosary
    2. A Vision for the Catholic Church in the United States for the 21st Century.
    3. My suggestions for an United States Roman Catholic Church Abuse Policy.
    4. The Ten Commandments (Positively Stated)
    5. Culture of Life compared to the Cultures of Death
    6. 100% Pro-life page
    7. Discussion of Holy Sex versus Carnal Sex
    8. Essentials of Spiritual Direction
    9. Spiritual Poems
    10. Prayer for those looking for meaningful work
    11. Books of the Bibles and Names of God Word-Find
    12. My thoughts about modern courtesy
    13. My words of wisdom on other topics
    14. Tactics of the Enemy

    Free Rosary

    Joe Zollars is offering to provide a free rosaries; One per person, more for priests, religious and missionaries. Email him your request including your postal address. If you have any questions, email him as well and/or check out his website.

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    Contact information

    Image of a letter - If you have any questions or comments about anything on this site, email Thomas at stobie@sprynet.com.

    Divine Love Ministries
    13911 Conser St., Apt. 1513, Overland Park KS 66223


    Picture of Jesus Divine Love Ministries' Patrons are:
    • the Sacred Heart of Jesus
    • the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    • St. Joseph the Worker
    • St. Joachim & St. Ann (the grandparents of Jesus)
    • John Paul II the Great (not yet canonized)
    Picture of the Blessed Virgin Mary

    Cross Image Remember that Jesus loves you very much.

    Picture of Benedict XVI

    Please pray for the Holy Father & his intentions.

    Picture of Pope John Paul II

    Please pray for the eternal repose of the former Holy Father, his canonization, & his declaration as a Doctor of the Church.

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    We strongly support the work of

    Catholic Charities of Kansas City Kansas Logo - Check them out at http://www.catholiccharitiesks.org/.

    The American Bishops and the Holy Father ask that we all participate in the World Day of Peace on January 1st by praying the rosary. If this is too much, say a prayer for World Peace. If you do not know the prayers of the rosary, download the red & purple rosary card; it has all the prayers of the rosary on it and explains how to pray the rosary. Thank you for all that joined in the prayers in 2002.

    Fancy Tau Cross Image My wife & I are both members of the Secular Franciscan Order. Check out the international website of the Order.

    We also strongly support Pope Benedict XVI. Check out the Vatican's webpages.

    We live in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. Check out the Archdiocese's website.

    Celtic Cross Image We must all learn to trust God and love one another.

    100% Pro-life We are 100% Pro-life supporting the dignity of each human person, regardless of race, sex, age, religion, origin, or wealth, from womb to grave, and strongly opposing all abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty. 100% Pro-life

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    Thomas' Personal Motto

    Everything for the Glory of God

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    Barbara's Personal Motto

    Jesus, Lead me & Guide me in All Matters

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    Looking for organizations to help sponsor Divine Love Ministries

    If you would like to help sponsor Divine Love Ministries, please contact us.

    Check out what we would do with money if we had it at our wishlist page.

    A special thanks to all of our sponsors, you help us serve others.

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    United States Flag Image Cross Image Pray for the innocents who are murdered each year, whether in towers, planes, abortion clinics, or elsewhere. Millions of innocents are murdered every year. Pray also for the millions who actively or passively (by supporting or encouraging the attrocities) participate in the attrocities, that they may come to realize the true evilness of their actions and that they may repent and attone for their actions. Cross Image

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    Celtic Cross Image May the blessings of God, the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit, descend upon you and your families, fill your lives with joy, & grant us all peace. Celtic Cross Image

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