Why is Pope John Paul II So Lovable?

by Thomas A. Stobie, S.F.O.

The answer is simply that He chooses to love others as God loves them. Think about it.

He is not loved because he is the pope. Catholics give great respect and honor to the office of Pope, but the office itself does not make him so lovable. Rather it is something about the man himself.

Consider how Pope John Paul II treats people. Each and every person the pope comes in contact with is considered by the pope a special unique person worthy of being loved, regardless of who they are. He gives them the respect, dignity, and love that every human being desires as a child of God, and craves deeply in their soul. He tries to love them like God loves them. Picture the pope in your mind. You can see the love in his face and eyes for the people he meets. His gestures, wanderings, and writings also show his love for Godís people. What you see when you see John Paul II is love radiating in all directions.

It is this visible love that brings people to love Pope John Paul II. Love begets love. People have a deep craving for love and in receiving and seeing it, they respond with love. Was the Pope endowed with this love that he has for Godís people? No, he had to choose to love everyone, without regard to background, and ask God repeatedly to help him to love more like God loves. The gift of increased love for God and fellow man is given by God to all who ask in accord with their true desire. A person who truly wants to love like Jesus will grow more Christ-like in his love daily. A person who wants a selfish love will be gifted only where the love can be used unselfishly. The gift of increased love brings with it increased suffering, for the more you love, the more you suffer with the hurts of people around you. Pope John Paul II has and continues to ask for the ability to love Godís people more.

Do you desire to be more lovable? If so, then you too can choose to love more like God and ask God to help you to love more like Him. The deeper your commitment to love, the greater your capability for love. For it is in loving that we are loved.

Meditation by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO © 1995. Permission granted to copy for personal use.

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