Divine Love Ministries Wish List

Dove & Crossby Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

What I do with funding if I received it for Divine Love Ministries. Currently many of the things I would like to do, I can not as I am overburdened with very high debt with no significant sources of income (unemployed, but looking).

Priority is not indicated by sequence of individual items and donors may restrict their gifts.

  1. Legally form Divine Love Ministries (DLM) as a 501(c) organization.
  2. Enable DLM to mass produce the prayer cards and distribute world-wide. This would probably be accomplished with agreements with major Catholic Publishers and Distributers.
  3. Start a catholic AM Radio statio in the Kansas City in Kansas Archdiocese broadcasting the EWTN radio feed with some local programming.
  4. Establish an endowment to permit DLM to advertize and provide free spiritual direction to those desiring it. This would include paying me (and maybe others) to provide spiritual direction full-time.
  5. Sponser a nationwide essay contest for high-school students in the area of 100% pro-life.
  6. Develop a program for grade school and high school students explaining and advocating the pro-life position.
  7. Buy national (US) advertising presenting the truth about catholic beliefs to counteract many of the false Protestant myths about Catholicism.
  8. Build a large community that would include a retreat center, buildings for single adults, buildings for families, buildings for married couples without small children, and common facilities built around the Christian ideal. Each living quarters has a small kitchen with a common communal kitchen and dining rooms used for most meals with residents taking turns cooking and cleaning the common areas.
  9. Expand our ability to create prayer and saint cards. This may include hiring an illustrator to produce quality images.
  10. Initiate a program to help those who are overwhelmed with debt, particularly due to prolonged unemployment. This would consist of transferring the debt to DLM with much lower interest rates and a promise to avoid future debt where possible.

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2003 by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

Last modified on 5 Nov 2008.