100% Pro-life

100% Pro-life

100% Pro-life indicates supporting the dignity of each human person, regardless of race, sex, age, religion, origin, or wealth, from womb to grave, and strongly opposing all abortion, euthanasia, and the death penalty.
100% Pro-life

I encourage all people and businesses who are 100% pro-life to advertise the fact. You are welcome to use the 100% pro-life symbol that I have designed, any of the variants below, or one of their own creation. You are also welcome to link to this page from that image to further explain what you mean by the image.

I invite who are all 100% pro-life to join the 100% pro-life webring of which this page is the main site page.

Questions & Answers

I attempt to answer many of the common questions about the pro-life position that come up.




  • Is abortion ever right? No.
  • What about in cases where the woman is raped? Abortion is still wrong. The child is innocent of the act and deserves life. In addition, the abortion further tramatizes the woman and makes the situation worse. If the woman finds the presence of her child tramatizes her about the rape, placing the child up for adoption is an option.
  • What about in cases where the woman will die if the pregnancy is not ended? Abortion is not the answer. Rather deliver the child and provide the best prenatal care available. Delivering the child is healthier for the mother than any abortion would be.
  • Why does abortion get most of the pro-life attention? Abortion is the deliberate murder of innocent human beings for selfish purposes. It is worse than what was done in Nazi Germany to the Jews (and others). Any moral person should be outraged that these attrocities are performed anywhere in the world.
  • Does abortion harm the mother? Absolutely. The psychological damage to the mother is significant and often there is physical damage left from an abortion as well.
  • Should abortion be treated like any other murder of a human being? Yes; those who perform or hire murder should be prosecuted for premeditated murder (first degree murder). Those who assist in the abortion, should be prosecuted for participating and enabling in a premeditated murder (second degree murder).


  • Is abusive behavior ever appropriate? No, abuse, whether physical, mental, psychological, sexual, bureaucratic, financial, legal, etc., is always wrong.

Advocating Pro-Life


  • How should children be treated differently than adults? It is important that recognize that children (born and unborn) are limited in what they can do and require the support and protection of others, preferably a loving moral family. Guardians have the obligation to safeguard and provide for the children intrusted to them until they are capable of supporting themselves. Nations have the responsibility to protect the human rights of all children within their nation going beyond the degree they protect the rights of adults.

Classes of Human Life

  • Is it ever right to designate different classes of humans and grant them different sets of rights? No.
  • Does the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights allow different human rights of different classes of human beings? No. It explicitly states all human beings (with no exceptions) are entitled to full human rights.
  • Does the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights allow different human rights based on age? No. It does not specify different rights by age. All living human beings are entitled full human rights.


  • Is contraception ever right? No.
  • How about other birth control methods? Yes, between married couples if only natural means (timing and abstinence) are used.
  • How about artifical birth control means? No. Their use for contraceptive purposes is always wrong.
  • What about in cases of sex outside of marriage? Sex outside of marriage is always wrong. Sex outside of marriage harms the dignity of the people involved, any people that they ever get involved with, erode their judgements, and harm their consciences.
  • Are some forms of contraception worse than others? Yes, many forms of contraception cause abortions if fertilization does occur and these are worse than others as they involve killing innocent human life.

Death Penalty

  • Is the death penalty ever acceptable? Yes, but only when the state can not guarentee the safety of people from the guilty party. In most modern countries, prisons are secured enough so that the death penalty is never needed.


  • Does society have an obligation to teach its children to be pro-life? Yes, it is important that all people represent human life and all societies should advocate the pro-life position.


  • Is euthanasia ever right? No.
  • How about letting a person die? Extreme measures to preserve or maintain life are not required, but basic necessities, such as food and water, should be provided.

Human Dignity

Human Rights

  • Does being pro-life means supporting basic Human Rights? Absolutely.
  • Does this cover all the rights listed in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Yes, as written.
  • What is the most fundamental human right? The right to life is the most fundamental right on which all other rights are based.


  • When does life begin? Science tells us that human life begins with conception, when the sperm of the father unites with the egg of the female. Religion tells us that God creates a soul and unites it with the body at the moment of conception.
  • When does life end? Science tells us that human life ends when the brain is completely non-functional and cannot be made functional. Religion tells us that human life is eternal.


  • Does society have the responsibility to encourage loving covenant marriages? Yes.
  • Is marriage between people of the same sex acceptable? No.
  • Is divorce acceptable? This is a tough question. For a couple who fully enter a covenant marriage, where they give themselves to each other for life, regardless of what happens, it is not acceptable. For improper marriages (those in which a covenant was not made, or the parties were too immature for marriage) it may be. All marriages should be covenant marriages; unfortunately many are not.


  • Should all medical professionals be Pro-Life? Absolutely. In fact, the hypocratic oath to do no harm, essentially requires it.
  • How about medical professionals who are not Pro-Life? They should be avoided. By their non-pro-life stance, they have shown themselves to be unethical and should not be trusted with any patient care. This includes all doctors who will prescribe any form of contraceptive.


  • Should laws exist to enforce morality? No; laws should exist to protect the rights, dignity, and property of others. Note that may moral laws exist for the same purpose, so they can and will address some of the same things.
  • Should society advocate moral behavior? Yes; people living morally bring out the best of society and make the world a better place to live.

Parental Rights

  • Should the state support parental rights over the children? Yes; as parents have a moral obligation to care for their children, they should be granted by the state all rights necessary to safeguard and raise their children. Only when the parents are inable or unwilling (such as anyone who wants to kill the child entrusted to them) to properly safeguard and raise the children, should the rights be revoked.
  • When should these rights begin? The rights should begin with the life of the children, that is at the moment of conception.
  • Should one parent have more rights than the other? No unless one parent is unable or unwilling to safeguard and raise the child.
  • What are the Parental Rights? Parental rights come from their responsibilities as a parent and include their rights to (1) choose how their children will be raised and educated, what religion they will practice, with whom their children can associate, & how they will discipline their children and (2) use appropriate means to protect their children from harm and care for their physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs. These rights are conditional on the parents properly take care of and safegaurding their children in a non-abusive manner.

Personally Pro-life

  • Can someone be personally pro-life, but advocate that others can still choose (to kill their children in the womb)? No, being pro-life means standing up for the humans rights of every human being. Those who use the term are not pro-life at all.
  • Can someone be partially pro-life? No, but some people do support some aspects of the pro-life position while denying other aspects of the pro-life position.


  • Given that some governments give rights only to persons, please define what a person is? Any human being should be considered a person under the law.

Pro-Choice (to kill children in the womb) Christianity

  • Can someone be a Christian and Pro-Choice (to kill children in the womb)? No, abortion is by its very nature an anti-christian act, denying the truths of Christ, and failing to love as He commanded.
  • What about those who claim to be Christian and Pro-Choice (to kill children in the womb)? They are deceiving themselves as by denying fundamental Christian tenets, including the right to life for all people, they show in their actions that they are not Christians.
  • What should we do about those who claim to be Christian and Pro-Choice (to kill children in the womb)? We need to pray that they come to understand the truth, repent, and return to active Christianity.
  • What should Church leaders do with members who choose to be publically Pro-Choice (to kill children in the womb)? Church leaders have an obligation to teach the truth to all members and should avoid the scandal of having pro-choice positions affliated with their Church in any way. They need to correct those who claim to be members and try to get them to public denounce their Pro-Choice (to kill children in the womb) positions and become Pro-Life. If the members persist in their public gravelly immoral behavior, the Church needs to take all actions necessary to preserve the unamity of its teachings as well as address the spiritual well-being of the dissenting individual.


  • Is racism ever right? No. Treating someone differently because of their skin color is wrong.


  • Is necessary to belong to an organized religion to be Pro-Life? Absolutely not, in fact Pro-life includes being free to choose how you worship (providing that others are not harmed in your worship).
  • Is God Pro-Life? Absolutely.

Scientific Research

  • When is research on human beings allowed? Research on human beings, including human embryos, is only permissible where it protects the dignity and human rights (not just civil rights) of those experimented upon.
  • Is it right to create new human lives, just to destroy in research efforts? No. All human life from the moment of conception should be treated with dignity and granted the right to live.

Sexual Relations

  • Under what conditions should sexual relations occur? Sexual relations should be restricted to be only between a husband & wife in a covenant marriage. All other sexual relations are degrading to the value of human life.
  • Are sexual relations outside of covenant marriage (between a man & a woman) ever right? No.


  • Is slavery ever right? No.


  • Is terrorism ever acceptable? No.


  • Is torture ever acceptable? No.


  • Should we always vote for pro-life candidates? No*, you should consider the total candidate and their moral character and vote for the candidate who is mostly likely to advocate what is right for all people. Any candidate who is not 100% pro-life has shown by their choice that they do not respect the dignity of all people, have severe moral character flaws and probably would not represent you well. They also show in their choice that they will deny rights to those who less influence in society and this indicates a greatly likelihood of being bought by a special interest and not serving the people in general. However, in almost all cases, any candidate who is actively 100% Pro-Life is a better person and will be a better representative of the people.
  • Is pro-life a single issue? No, pro-life spans a large number of issues and candidate's views on each of them should be considered and taken into account when considering candidates.
  • Is treating pro-life as a lithmus test OK? Collectively, yes.

Working Conditions

  • What sort of working conditions are acceptable? Workers should be provided safe working environment with sufficient protective equipment to protect their health from harmful effects of the work or the environment.
  • Does this include the area from parking facilities to the place of work? Absolutely, no one should be harmed traverse from their transportation to their specific place of work. This includes having the entire area free of secondhand cigarette smoke.

Further References

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