Unusual Magic Items

All from the imagination of Thomas A. Stobie, SFO.

These were all designed for and used in Rolemaster (RMSS/RMFRP) campaigns that I have run in the past.

In some cases, the items can be techology designed for use with psionic abilities

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The Items (listed alphabetically)

Items with long descriptions have their descriptions after the list of items. Click on its name to go to the description.

Alchemist's Rod of Evil Transformation

This ornately carved obsidian rod is designed to destroy evil items and capture the energies within and then use this energy within good creations. It works as follows: The rod is touched to the evil item by someone who know some of the Alchemist Base Lists. The evil item makes an RR vs. 100 level to see if it is drained or not. If it fails, the magic is drained from the item and the item becomes non-magical (and must be disabled and reformed for its components to be used in a magic item). If it succeeds, it is immune to the effects of the rod. When touched by an alchemist (someone who knows Alchemist Base Lists) to an item being enchanted, the magical energies can be used immediately with spells available to the alchemist. Any enchantments made this way automatically get the limitation - does not work for evil users. The Rod can hold up to 1000 levels of enchantments and cannot drain an item if there is not room for its magic.

Crystal Orb of Illium

This 15' diameter crystal orb is a very powerful scrying device. It has 64 scrying surfaces which can be used separately or combined. It is +100 to divination cumulative and has a +150 to overcome scrying protections (with an additional +25 for each surface above 1 used), has no range penalties for ranges under 10,000 miles, -10 for each doubling of range after 10,000 miles (with one doubling penalty neutralized for each surface above one used), and can when 4 or more surfaces are used scry to alternate dimensions at a -100 penalty (with -5 penalty negated for each surface above 4 that are used). If at least 16 surfaces are used, a portal can be opened between a point near the orb and the place scryed upon; this portal is virtually undetectable in the distant location. When all 64 surfaces are used, a 360 view of the location scried is provided.

The orb has two golden rods associated with it that can create a 30' diameter sphere of force around the sphere with the sphere in a dual-dimensional state protecting it for unauthorized entry with two portals that are open-able and close-able by the rods but those attuned to the orb can pass through the sphere of force at will. The rods must remain outside of the sphere and always remain within 100' of the orb.

The orb is currently possessed by the spirit of Mexalor the Diviner, a powerful good Seer who can at his option improve or hinder user's divinations by ±50. Mexalor can also communicate verbally to those within 10' of the orb and is aware of all activity within 10' of the orb.

Gem of Heightened Abilities for Philanthropists

This appears to be a 5 carat emerald inside of a 40 carat diamond. After possessing for a month and mediating on the gem daily, the possessor improves two of his stat potentials, one of his choice and another different one determined randomly. It can only benefit an individual once. The benefits are permanent unless the possessor sells the gem in any fashion, in which case the potentials are permanently reduced by twice the amount gained . The amount of increase is determined according to the formula:

If Potential <= 50, New Potential = 1.5 * Potential + d10, round down

If 50 < Potential <= 75, New Potential = 1.1 * Potential + d10, round down

If 75 < Potential <= 95, New Potential = Average (100,Potential), round down (and a 25% chance of +1 more repeated until unsuccessful)

If 95 < Potential <= 98, New Potential = Potential + 2 (and a 25% chance of +1 more repeated until unsuccessful).

If 98 < Potential, New Potential = Potential + 1 (and a 10% chance of +1 more repeat until unsuccessful).

The Lamp of Ali Shem Rathonir Al'Fahim Al'Kabob

This old somewhat worn bronze oval lamp measuring roughly 14" by 6" by 4" with a round lid and a raised spout appears to be an ordinary lamp used for lighting during nighttime hours. It does detect magic, oddly strong at times, but discernment about the specific magic is very difficult. Inside written on the back side/wall is the following in very, very small writing in Desert-speech (1/50th an inch in height) and accurately representing its abilities:

  1. Anything that be enchanted into the lamp, 1/50th normal size will be.
  2. Anything that be enchanted out, normal size will be.
  3. Covers and contracts in, blue smoke does.
  4. Appears, expands, and reveals out, red smoke does.
  5. Casual rub on exterior, out contained creatures and in rubbing creature will go.
  6. Deliberate rub on interior, out rubbing creature will go.
  7. Deliberate rub lid in clockwise circles, out specific creatures in lamp will go and unaffected rubbing creature will be.
  8. Any objects worn or held, affected as wearing or holding creature will be.
  9. Any objects not worn or held, unaffected will be.
  10. Anything be in lamp, magically protected will be.
  11. Any creature deliberately released, for one command given within release day, obedient to releaser will be.
  12. Any magically bound creature brought into lamp, doubly bound for decade and day in devoted service to master of lamp will be.
  13. Bound to lamp one creature be, affected no other creature can be.
  14. No room in lamp, inside nothing will go.
  15. Destroy lamp, never more contained will be.
  16. Euridium in lamp, powerless will be.
  17. Time altered exterior may be, time unaffected interior will be.
  18. Exterior normal may be, interior magical space will be.
  19. Down any direction exterior may be, down to bottom interior will be.
  20. No air exterior may be, air interior will be.

The Little Book of Shelter

This 5" x 3" x 1" mithril book opens to reveal 6 different icons engraved inside. The icons are:

  1. An Open Door - touching it causes a mystical portal to appear in front of the toucher which leads to a 20' x 20' x 10' extra-dimensional space or if inside the space, to open when the portal was lasted closed. The door will remain open a maximum of 5 minutes
  2. A Closed Door - touching it causes the open mystical portal to close
  3. A Window - creates a one-way 360-degree window inside the dimensional space that allows those inside to view where the portal would open
  4. A Lamp - illuminates the extra-dimensional space as per a Light spell or turns the illumination off if already on
  5. An Open Palm - performs a Healing V on all inside the extra-dimensional space, usable at most once per day
  6. A Cloud - refreshes the atmosphere within the extra-dimensional space, usable at most once per day.

The Magnificent Carriage

This deep brown carriage appears to be a normal four-wheeled carriage used by the wealthy and powerful of society to travel. It is 8-foot wide, 15-foot long, 7-foot high inside, made of ornate woods with a metal frame, has two padded benches facing each other inside, doors on each side, a bench on top for the driver, twin lights on the front, a rear-mounted bench for footmen, and a luggage rack on top. Each padded bench opens to reveal a compartment underneath it, the one nearer to the front maintains a constant temperature of 35° F. An insignia of two golden griffins facing outwards and flying upwards can be found on the front and on each door. Powers: An attuned driver sitting on the driver's bench can: (1) get the carriage to move without horses on ground at 300'/rnd. or to fly without horses at 150'/rnd, (2) turn the carriage and its contents (inside and out) invisible or visible, and (3) activate/de-active the twin headlights which illuminate a cone extending up to 300' out from the carriage and 100' wide. The carriage resists magic as a 50th level creature with +100 to all RR's. It is indestructible to non-magic forces. An attuned individual can touch the insignia on the front of the carriage and command it to transform into a 2" x 2" metal plaque depicting the griffins and back again, provided that no living creature is in or on the carriage.

The Magnifying Glass of Detecting

This rectangular magnifying glass, 6" x 8" with a 6" handle engraved with symbols which read "All that I See" in an old magical language, has a viewing area of 5 ½" x 3 ½", has a four filters in a hidden compartment that swing out over the glass lens.

Viewing Effects:

Mystical Armor of Sri-Lan-Ri

This armor consists of two white cloth wristbands and two white cloth ankle-bands. Each band has identical gold writing on it, which when translated says "Protection comes when needed. Hindrance is never to be found. Mighty is the unarmed spell-weaver." They must be worn on the wrists or ankles as appropriate to have any effect and two cannot be worn on the same wrist or ankle to gain effects. A scintillating translucent mist-like armor (appropriate to the AT) surrounds the wearer for a couple of seconds when a band is put on and when the wearer is struck.

Petro's Magnificent Sheath of Long Weapons

This ornate well-crafted dark brown leather sheath appears to be a sheath for a single two-handed sword. Very fine multi-colored artwork depicting combat with large weapons cover the exterior side of the sheath. The dark brown adjustable thick leather strap is very strong and sturdy but very pliable. On the interior of the sheath, the name, Mastercrafter Petro of Magica, and his signature can be found engraved into the leather and dyed a golden brown.

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