Majestic Magic Campaign
The Town of Strangeville

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

The Town of Strangeville is under the rule of Arcania.

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The Crest of Strangeville is quartered, with the crest of Arcania in the top left and bottom right corners, a red flame on a light yellow background in the top right corner, and a white building on a black background in the bottom left corner.

The military insignia of troops assigned to Strangeville adds a red flame on a white building below the standard Arcania military crest.


Strangeville is ruled by a mayor appointed by the governing council of Arcania and protected by Arcania's troops and has a small town guard under the direction of the town sheriff. The current Mayor is Lord Yulton, The current Sheriff is known as Whitey.

Laws are fairly relaxed, with individuals permited to carry weapons and use them in self-defense. Violators of the peace will be prosecuted. Magic use is not specifically prohibited, but the user is responsible for all that occurs due to their use of magic.

Military Notes

Strangeville is used as a coordination and departure point for scouting expeditions of the Arcania Army to the east.


Not all buildings are described, if there is a type of place you want to visit, ask around.

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