Majestic Magic Campaign
The Ship "Wrath of the Seas"

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

The "Wrath of the Seas" is a well-made three-masted sailing vessel.

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The "Wrath of the Seas" is a three masted ship about 80 feet long and up to 40 feet wide of human design. The main deck sits about 10 feet out of the water with raised fore and aft sections about 20 feet out of the water about 20 feet long.

She is capable of up to about 12 knots with favorable winds.

She is currently crew by 30 sailors/fighters, under a sailing officer "Jokery" (w/many magic items), his assistant officer with three mages (Magician (w/many magic items), Sorceror, Priest of the God of Thieves) aboard.

The ship does not appeared to be magically enchanted.

Ship Details

The forecastle contains 5 rooms, four quarters and a larger common room/mess.

The aftcastle contains 3 rooms, a captain quarters, captain office/meeting room, and another officer's quarters.

Inside the are two cargo large holds, 2 smallers rooms for cargo, double level 6"+ tall crew quarters, a mess, a galley, and a storeroom for ship supplies.

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