Majestic Magic Campaign
The Ship "Spirit of the Dolphins"

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

The "Spirit of the Dolphins" is a well-made two-masted sailing vessel.

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The "Spirit of the Dolphins" is a two masted ship about 80 feet long and up to 45 feet wide. The main deck sits about 10 feet out of the water with a raised aft section about 20 feet out of the water about 20 feet long. The masts appear wider and taller (60 feet (fore-mast) and 75 feet (aft-mast) tall) than would expected on a ship of this size.

On the bow is carved dolphin playfully jumping out of the sea. A crowsnest can be found near the top of the rest mast. A flag flies from the top of the mast bearing a flag grey with a sea-green bar with a smaller similiar flag differing with only the addition of red crown.

After walking around inside the ship, people are amazed at the space inside. It does not seem to make sense with the exterior dimensions. In addition, the ship sits higher in the water than would be expected.

For those looking at the ship with power perception, they notice a couple of things; first, from off the ship, magic seems very limited (or if your skill is less than 80, no magics present at all.); Second, On the ship, power perception reveals that the ship is enclosed in a bubble of non-detection magics as well as having magical protections incorporated in the physical materials of the ship as well as assorted magics throughout the ship.

Ship Details

The ship has the following interior sections: Officer's Quarters, Marine & Passenger Quarters, Crew Quarters, Cargo, and Common (the Common mostly in the center of the ship).

Sailors are bunked 8 to a room. Marines and passengers are bunked 2 to a room. Officers and some spellcasters have private rooms.

Marines and passengers are each provided with a closet measuring 8" high by 3" wide by 3" deep. In their rooms are two dropdown chairs and a dropdown table.

In the common section, a medical subsection, a ship stores subsection, a guarded brig subsection, a large entertainment hall (large stage, 24" ceilings, sits one hundred at various sized tables) and a few meeting rooms, and a large indoor garden can be found. The medical subsection has a main room, containing four chairs and two beds, and three rooms off of it, 2 semi-private healing/recovery rooms and the healer's quarters.

There are four dining rooms, one each for the ship's crew, marines, officers/passengers, and the captain's private one, served from a common kitchen.

For Cargo, there are many rooms, including two cold-storage rooms. A couple of rooms are for ship supplies, including one cold one.

One door in the Cargo Section is labeled "Hogan's Quarters" underneath it says "Private - Restricted Entry by order of the Captain".

The ship has a special detection device called LADD (Large Area Discerning Detector).

The ship has its own special mana store that allows for some individual storage as well as a common pool of emergency mana.

Captain & Officers

Other Crew

The ship has a normal crew of about 40 sailors and a few spellcasters, but is augmented when extra individuals would come in handy, such as pirate-hunting expeditions. The current crew includes the following individuals of note:

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