Majestic Magic Campaign
The Ship "SeaMyst"

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

The "SeaMyst" is a well-made one-masted sailing vessel. she was formerly known as Seastalker as a pirate ship, and before that while flying the flag of Hot Spot as "Ruby's Hope"

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The "Seastalker" is a one masted ship about 30 feet long and up to 15 feet wide of human design, built for speed. The main deck sits about 8 feet out of the water with raised aft sections about 13 feet out of the water about 10 feet long.

She is capable of up to about 20 knots with favorable winds.

The ship does not appeared to be magically enchanted.

Ship Details

Inside, the ship has a main cargo hold, a crews' quarters, an small officers' quarters (for 2), and a galley/mess.

The aftcastle contains the captain's quarters, and an captain's office/meeting area.

Ship's Ownership

The SeaMyst is joinly owned by Charleon, Chelle, Rhoacan, Riven, Voda & Zoe Wu.

Ship's Crew

Salary Total: 0.0458 gp/week

Ship's Cargo

  1. The Armour & Weapons [378.0000 gp]
  2. Women's Silk [67.5000 gp]
  3. Elven Instruments [18.0000 gp]
  4. Paintings [27.0000 gp]
  5. Assorted history books [6.7500 gp]
  6. Tiger hides [6.6600 gp]
  7. The Dwarvian ale [32.4000 gp]

Ship's Supplies

60 people-weeks of food and water

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