Majestic Magic Campaign
The City of Arcania

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

Arcania is a very large city-nation, governing the outlaying areas, villages, and towns.

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The crest of Arcania is a crossed sword and lightning bolt with a moon to the left, stars above, below, and the the right on a dark red barkground.

The military crest of Arcania is the same put placed in a dark red shield on a light grey background. Additional symbols may indicate unit type and assignment.


Arcania is ruled by a Council of Representatives who select from among themselves a Prime Minister to govern. Each of these representatives represent one or more major groups within the Arcania nation.


Arcania maintains a fairly large military. Its members are mostly humans, but includes dracolings, dwarves, elves, halflings, and half-orcs.

Arcania maintains a number of border outposts at the edge of it territory.


The city of Arcania, due to its large size, is organized into districts (not all are listed).


Not all buildings are described, if there is a type of place you want to visit, ask around.

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