Majestic Magic Campaign
Zoe Wu's Character Sheet

Character: Zoe Wu
Race: Common Man (urbanman)
Sex: Female
Player: Chris McMahon
Profession: Magician
Level/EP: 9 / 132,295
Realm: Essence
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 121 lbs.
Age: 28
Zoe Wu is not tall. She has, dusky skin, very long blue-black hair and brown eyes, set wide apart, with epicanthal folds. Her face is wide and her nose is small and flat. Her mouth is wide and she has a slight overbite. Her physique is under-developed. She wears her hair in a different style each day, sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes in two ponytails, sometimes in a topknot, and so on, but generally so as to conceal and help control the leather band that helps secure her dorky eyeglasses. Fastidiously clean, she dresses demurely. Likes pretty things and is usually smiling. Her style is relaxed, easy-going, and this is her natural way, though from time to time, especially when under stress, she appears a little cultivated, awkward or forced in that regard.

Long Term Goals (known to party):
Do something wonderful so as to bring honour to her family while at the same time working out her personal freedom. Then find a way of returning home.

Resistance Rolls
AreaRR Mods.
Chan. & Ess.+26
Chan. & Ment.+21
Ess. & Ment.+35
Health & Power
Recovery (active)1 /3 hr
Recovery (rest)3 /1 hr
Recovery (sleep)10 /3 hr
Recovery (active)1 /3 min
Recovery (rest)4 /1 min
Recovery (sleep)all /30 min
Recovery (active)1 /3 hr
Recovery (rest)7 /1 hr
Recovery (sleep)95 /3 hr
Initiative: 10+2d10
Base Move: 70'/round
DB, aware: +30
DB, unaware: +0
AT: 1
Current Health Impairments: none.
Anticipatory Subconcious Preparation (one free round of spell prep.), Archtype, Aura(greater), Creative Spell Manipulator (10 points of penalty offset for each mod after the first), Eloquence, Instinctive Spell Manipulator (greater), Precise Caster (spell fumble reduced by 1, min 1), & Stat Bonuses EM+3, Pr+3, Qu+3

Blood Guilt, Compulsive Behavior - Cleanliness, Easily Distraced, & Poor Eyesight (minor) (-30 to targeting when not corrected)

CategoryRanks SkillRanksBonus
Armor • Heavy0 Default-21
Armor • Light1 Default-1
Armor • Medium0 Default-21
Artistic • Active1 Default+15
Artistic • Passive0 Default-3
Athletic • Brawn1 Default-1
Athletic • Endurance1 Default-1
Athletic • Gymnastics1 Default+7
Awareness • Perceptions Alertness2+12
Sense Ambush0+10
Awareness • Searching4 Default+8
Locate Hidden1+26
Awareness • Senses1 Default-3
Time Sense [E]4+46
Combat Manuevers Default-13
Communications3 Default+23
Common-speech S8+62
Common-speech W8+62
Grey-Elf S1+41
Grey-Elf W2+44
High-speech S4+50
High-speech W2+44
Crafts Default-13
Directed Spells9 Default+40
Directed Bolts ∞ [R]4 (+1/2)+67
Influence1 Default+14
Public Speaking1+32
Lore • General3 Default+20
Culture Lore - Urbanman3+44
History - home world home culture3+44
Region Lore - home world home area3+44
Lore • Magical1 Default+26
Circle Lore1+44
Spell Lore2+47
Symbol Lore1+44
Warding Lore1+44
Lore • Obscure1 Default+16
Lore • Technical1 Default+16
Herb Lore1+34
Martial Arts Combat Manuevers Default-13
Martial Arts Strikes0 Default-21
Martial Arts Sweeps0 Default-18
Outdoor • Animal1 Default+18
Riding Horses1+36
Outdoor • Environmental1 Default+3
Star Gazing1+21
Power Awareness2 Default+26
Power Perception [R]4+53
Read Runes3+50
Power Manipulation Default+7
Magic Ritual ∞1+42
Spell Mastery ∞ [E]
- On Daritopia
Spell Targeting3+52
Science/Analytic • Basic1 Default+15
Basic Math2+34
Science/Analytic • Specialized Default-2
Advanced Math2+38
Self Control1 Default+1
Meditation [E]2+22
Stun Removal1+19
Special Attacks Default-21
Special Defenses Default-30
Subterfuge • Attack0 Default-19
Subterfuge • Mechanics0 Default-12
Subterfuge • Stealth1 Default-2
Tech/Trade • General1 Default+8
First Aid1+26
Tech/Trade • Professional Default-7
Tech/Trade • Vocational Default-7
Tactics ∞ [R]1+28
Urban5 Default+22
Contacting [E]2+43
Mingling [E]2+43
Streetwise [E]2+43
Weapon • 1H Concussion0 Default-21
Weapon • 1H Edged1 Default-4
Weapon • 2H0 Default-21
Weapon • Missile1 Default-1
Short Bow1+17
Weapon • Missile Artillery0 Default-12
Weapon • Pole Arms0 Default-21
Weapon • Thrown0 Default-18

Skills Legend: Bonus includes profession, stat and special bonuses, as well as the category rank bonus and the skill rank bonus; it does not include item bonuses. Skills followed by [R] are learned as restricted skills. Skills followed by [E] are learned as everyman skills. Skills followed by [O] are learned as occupational skills. Specializations are indicated by a Δ. Generalizations are indicated by a ∞.

Spell Lists
Spell ListTypeRanksSCSM Base
Delving WaysOpen3+61
Detecting WaysOpen6+64
Dispelling WaysClosed6+59
Earth LawBase6+69
Essence HandOpen3+61
Essence's PerceptionsOpen3+61
Fire LawBase6+69
Gate MasteryClosed6+59
Ice LawBase12+75
Invisible WaysClosed5+58
Lesser IllusionsBase9+72
Light LawBase6+69
Living ChangeClosed0NA
Lofty BridgeBase12+75
Physical EnhancementOpen9+67
Rapid WaysClosed6+59
Shield MasteryBase9+72
Spell ReinsClosed3+56
Spirit MasteryBase9+72
Water LawBase12+75
Wind LawBase12+75

Spells Legend: SCSM (Spell Caster Static Manuever) Base includes all static adjustment and is per RMFRP, to get RMSS equivilant add 50.

  • Weapons:
    • Dagger [+14, -18 thrown] {sheath}
  • Clothing: 2 changes of standard clothes. Boots. Fur Cloak. Woven Scarf. nice Frock, good Stockings, nice gloves & hat.
  • Glove of Directed Spells +10 ⊕ [+77]
  • Glasses (corrective vision) with a wood frame and leather straps.
  • Other Equipment:
    • Small Rusksack
      • Tinderbox w/ Fint & Steel
      • 12 Tapers
      • Knife
      • Notebook
      • Quill Pen & small bottle of ink
      • Blotting Paper
      • Sealing Wax
      • Ball of String
      • Hankerchief
      • Handmirror
      • Small brush for teeth
      • Small bottle with a herbal paste for use on teeth
      • Small bottle with a herbal paste to help moisten lips
      • 20 ft. coil of Rope
      • 6 ft. fine guage iron wire
      • 2 dozen small nails
      • Sailmaker's Needle
      • 6 sq. ft. of guaze mesh.
      • 9 small jars
      • hair brush
      • Map of Trapio Island and a Map of Outward from Trapio Island in a common leather case. {Zoe}
    • Sleeping Roll
    • Satchel
      • Money Pouch
    • Leather Canteen
    • Leather Purse
    • Belt
      • Dagger Sheath
      • Belt Pouch
  • Money: 57.9625 gp [mpg.sbct] {money pouch}
Item Legend: Magic items signified by a ⊕. Potentially unidentified items signified by a °. Non-magical pluses and minuses are followed by a ◊. Preferred (and default) items are marked with a ‡. Bracketed items [+n] are the net bonus when the item is used by this character including his skill bonuses. Locations of items are given in brackets {location} if not obvious. Money is converted to gp equivilant.

Property Not with the Character


  • none.

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