Majestic Magic Campaign
Feanollic Ablyth's Character Sheet

Character: Feanollic Ablyth
Race: High Elf
Sex: Male
Player: Shane Stegmeier
Profession: Warrior Mage
Level/EP: 10 / 159,780
Realm: Essence
Height: 6' 11"
Weight: 240 lbs.
Age: 60

Long Term Goals (known to party):

Resistance Rolls
AreaRR Mods.
Chan. & Ess.+18
Chan. & Ment.+18
Ess. & Ment.+25

+20 DB & RR bonuses vs. Cold.
Health & Power
Recovery (active)1 /6 hr
Recovery (rest)4 /2 hr
Recovery (meditation)14 /6 hr
Recovery (active)1 /3 min
Recovery (rest)5 /1 min
Recovery (meditation)all /30 min
PPsMax100 [150]
Recovery (active)1 /3 hr
Recovery (rest)5 /1 hr
Recovery (meditation)100 /2 hr
Initiative: 8+2d10
Base Move: 84'/round
DB, aware: +44
DB, unaware: +10
AT: 1
Current Health Impairments: none.
Racial: Cold Resistance, Disease Resistance, Immortality, Night Sight, Superb Hearing, Other: Aura (minor), Crafting Creative Genius, Dead Eye (missile range penalty are halved), 2x Directed Weapon Master (minor), Eloquence, General Weapons Master (minor), Gifted Spell User, Instinctive Defence, Magic Crafting Ability (as Closed), Natural Archer (+25% to all bow ranges), & Subconscious Prep. (half normal time to draw/load weapons)

Racial: Deep Sleeper, Other: Code of Honour (Loremaster), Overconfidence, Sense of Duty towards all Elves, Sense of Duty towards companions, Slow Healer, Truthful, & Visible Aura

CategoryRanks SkillRanksBonus
Armor • Heavy0 Default-12
Armor • Light0 Default-12
Armor • Medium0 Default-12
Artistic • Active0 Default-4
Artistic • Passive0 Default-5
Athletic • Brawn1 Default+16
Athletic • Endurance1 Default+16
Athletic • Gymnastics1 Default+17
Awareness • Perceptions Alertness
- hearing only
Sense Ambush0+17
Awareness • Searching4 Default+7
Locate Hidden0+7
- hearing only
Reading Tracks1+25
Awareness • Senses1 Default+4
Combat Awareness1+22
Combat Manuevers Default-4
Communications4 Default+14
Common-speech S8+53
Common-speech W8+53
Elvish S8+53
Elvish W8+53
Grey-Elvish S8+53
Grey-Elvish W8+53
High-Elvish S10+59
High-Elvish W10+59
Crafts Default-17
any [E]
Bowyer [E]2+23
Embroidery [E]2+23
Fletcher [E]2+23
Gem Cutter [E]0-17
Leather-Crafts ∞9+58
Metal-Crafts ∞12+69
Sewing/Weaving [E]2+23
Wood-Crafts ∞9+58
Directed Spells10 Default+19
Directed Bolts ∞ [R]5+49
Influence0 Default-5
Lore • General5 Default+11
Culture Lore - High Elf4+38
History - Elven Alchemy1+29
Region Lore - home world home area4+38
Lore • Magical2 Default+5
Artifact Lore1+23
Circle Lore1+23
Planar Lore1+23
Spell Lore1+23
Symbol Lore1+23
Undead Lore1+23
Warding Lore1+23
Lore • Obscure1 Default+3
Dragon Lore1+21
Lore • Technical1 Default+3
Herb Lore1+21
Stone Lore1+21
Trading Lore1+21
Martial Arts Combat Manuevers Default-14
Martial Arts Strikes0 Default-12
Martial Arts Sweeps0 Default-12
Outdoor • Animal1 Default+13
Riding Horses1+31
Outdoor • Environmental4 Default+5
Power Awareness5 Default+25
Power Perception [R]2+46
Power Manipulation Default+0
Spell Mastery ∞ [R]
- on Daritopia
5 (+1/2)+55
Science/Analytic • Basic2 Default+6
Science/Analytic • Specialized Default-13
Self Control0 Default-16
Special Attacks Default-16
Special Defenses Default-30
Subterfuge • Attack0 Default-17
Subterfuge • Mechanics0 Default-13
Subterfuge • Stealth2 Default+2
Tech/Trade • General2 Default+2
First Aid1+20
Use Prepared Herbs1+20
Tech/Trade • Professional Default-14
Tech/Trade • Vocational Default-14
Urban0 Default-5
Weapon • 1H Concussion0 Default+3
Weapon • 1H Edged11 Default+39
Long Sword [E]22+106
Weapon • 2H0 Default+3
Weapon • Missile11 Default+44
Long Bow [E]22+111
Weapon • Missile Artillery0 Default+2
Weapon • Pole Arms0 Default+3
Weapon • Thrown0 Default+3

Skills Legend: Bonus includes profession, stat and special bonuses, as well as the category rank bonus and the skill rank bonus; it does not include item bonuses. Skills followed by [R] are learned as restricted skills. Skills followed by [E] are learned as everyman skills. Skills followed by [O] are learned as occupational skills. Specializations are indicated by a Δ. Generalizations are indicated by a ∞.

Spell Lists
Spell ListTypeRanksSCSM Base
Armor EnchantmentsOpen5+45
Combat IllusionsBase10+55
Combat WaysBase10+55
Delving WaysOpen4+44
General EnchantmentsOpen6+46
Inorganic SkillsOpen9+49
Organic SkillsOpen3+43
Own Realm ImbeddingOpen9+49
Warrior's EnchantmentBase12+57
Warrior's WeaponBase12+57
Will of the WarriorBase2+47
Weapon EnchantmentsOpen4+44

Spells Legend: SCSM (Spell Caster Static Manuever) Base includes all static adjustment and is per RMFRP, to get RMSS equivilant add 50.

  • Weapons:
    • Long Sword [+106 +15 (Blade III spell)=+121] {sheath}
    • Long Bow◊ +5 [=+116]
    • Dagger {sheath}
  • Clothing:
    • 2 changes of standard clothes (Dark brown High elven-cut Leather Doublet, deep green linen chemise, dark grey linen broughs, brown wool slopps). Dark Brown Soft Leather High Boots. Grey wool full circle full cowl cloak.
    • Belt⊕ of Flying I (10 rounds) 1/day
  • Silver Amulet⊕ of PP multiplier x1.5 for Essence users
  • Other Equipment:
    • Weapons Belt
      • Long Sword Sheath
      • Dagger Sheath
      • Belt Pouch
    • Quiver
      • 20 Arrows, 1 Arrow◊ +6, 1 Arrow◊ +5, 2 Arrows◊ +3, 1 Arrow◊ +2
    • Leather pouch with peytral collars) containing an empty vial
    • Cloth pouches with leather cord (1 with peytral collars) containing Cut Repair I potion⊕.
    • Waterproof Leather Backpack
      • Wood Axe with loose head
      • Wooden Mallet
      • Wood Chisel
      • Small Hammer
      • Small course file
      • Small fine file
      • Lignt-band (cloth headband with a 3"x2"x1/4" metal rectangle, with a small closed cover on it concealing a glomithsteel area that illuminates out to 50')
      • Bottle (6 oz.) of cuboileing oil
      • Bag of Salt (1 lb.)
      • Small Bag
        • Sewing Needles
        • Leatherworking Needles
        • Spool of fine brown thread
        • Spool of thin brown thread
        • Spool of thick brown thread
      • Small Bag
        • Skinning knife
        • Skeiving knife
        • Awl
        • Small steel scraper
        • Whetstone
      • Small Bottle of Resin Glue
      • Small Sack
        • Small empty book, 1 small bottle of ink, 2 quills
      • Small Sack
        • Clean cloth bandages
      • Small Sack
        • 2 loaves of Waybread
  • Money: 76.6890 gp [mpg.sbct] {belt pouch}
  • Horse w/saddle⊕+5 to Riding Horses, saddle blanket, 2 saddle bags, reins & briddle
Item Legend: Magic items signified by a ⊕. Potentially unidentified items signified by a °. Non-magical pluses and minuses are followed by a ◊. Preferred (and default) items are marked with a ‡. Bracketed items [+n] are the net bonus when the item is used by this character including his skill bonuses. Locations of items are given in brackets {location} if not obvious. Money is converted to gp equivilant.

Property Not with the Character


  • none.
  • Arcania Mercenary Guild (dues paid through 2-May-4312)

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