Majestic Magic Campaign
Character & Group Roster

The characters and groups in the campaign.


Group Character Race/CultureProfession
LvlLinks Player
Pirate Hunting Expedition #1 Group
SM Chelle WindsongHalf-elf (mortal) Thief8 Lynn ?
SM Riven MajereGnome Arcanist10 Richard Buller
SM VodaHigh Man Mentalist
(Martial Artist)
8 Van Dorsey
SM Zoe WuCommon Man (urbanman) Magician9 Chris McMahon
Active Characters not in a group
Active GarieleCommand Man (nomad) Armsmaster8 Robert A. Maxwell
Active Puja DowComman Man (ruralman) Monk
11 Iain Stewart
Previously Active Characters
- Aearnes StarhandHalf-elf (immortal) Healer
(Martial Artist)
8 Todd Sterrett
- CashandoMixed Man (urbanman) Magehunter
10 Wade Robinson
- Damien MorningstarHigh Elf Arcanist
Tad Sample
- Feanollic AblythHigh Elf Warrior Mage
10 Shane Stegmeier
- Grishnak Akra'MimHalf-Orc Mana Molder10 Tyler Hutchins
- JarlMixed Man (hillman) Animist of Nature
9 Ian Gordon
- RhoacanCommon Man (urbanman) Fighter
10 Thomas "Tom" Augstein
Non-active Characters
- HeideggerDwarf Fighter
11 Mike Pape
- Salah Al DinMixed Man (urbanman) Dabbler
10 Neil Wetherell
- ?? Priest?? DJ Salas
- ?? ?? ?


(Additional) lists other major areas at which the character is highly skilled.

Group indicates which group with whom the character is currently associated.
Active indicates that the character is active in the world, but not associated with a group.
"-" indicates that the character has been approved in concept and is still being generated.

provides a link to detailed character sheet for the character.

If an artist among the players wants to draw one of more characters and post it on the Yahoo website, I will link to it from here as well.


Group Group Name Detailed Information
SM SeaMyst
Purpose: Explore and trade using the ship SeaMyst.


Location: At sea, Great Ocean

  1. SeaMyst - a small fast sailing ship
  2. General supplies:
    • horse blanket
    • 4 pairs of packing bags
    • 10 leather straps
    • reins, briddle, and lead rope for a pack animal
    • 2 Belts
    • 3 Belt pouches (empty)
    • Belt pouch w/mixed herbs inside
    • 10 Sacks (empty)
    • 50' of rope
    • 500' of thick rope in a single coil
    • 6 rope harnesses
    • 2 rugid outdoor survival tents for people
    • 4 tents (for mounts)
    • 1 large tarp
    • 6 blankets
    • 18 people-weeks of rations
    • 3 5-gallon waterskins
    • 2 shovels
    • 1 pickaxe
    • 3 hammers with 60 pitons

  3. Potions: 6 Cut Repair III⊕ {1 with each person}, 12 Cut Repair I⊕ {2 with each person}, 6 Heal II ⊕, 2 Heal V ⊕, 1 Joining True ⊕, 1 Major Nerve Repair True ⊕, 3 Major Vessel Repair I ⊕, 1 Major Vessel Repair I ⊕, 8 Minor Nerve Repair ⊕, 4 Muscle Repair I ⊕, 2 Neutralize Poison⊕, 2 Tendon Repair I ⊕, 2 Very Rapid Organ Repair ⊕, 2 Water Breathing (2 hour duration)⊕, Physiks SL: 5 Surface Restoratives, 5 Blood Clotters, 2 Cartilage Restoratives & 1 Skin Restorative.

  4. Emergency Rations: 120 person-days of hard rations and 48 limes

  5. Money: 5.0000 gp {Chelle}

Hirelings: none

  1. Riven has provided 13 potions.

  2. Voda has spent 148.9600 gp for party potions, 5.0000 gp into the party general fund, and provided a lot of general equipment.

  3. Zoe has spent 0.2050 gp for emergency rations

Other Agreements: none.

Item Legend: Magic items signified by a ⊕. Potentially unidentified items signified by a °. Non-magical pluses and minuses are followed by a ◊. Locations of items are given in brackets {location} if not obvious. Money is converted to gp equivilant.

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