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Chris McMahon
Zoe Wu
Yahoo Id: pharmakeus
Canberra, Australia
Chris has been playing RPGs since he was a teenager, and has game-mastered as well. He knows the old ICE system but not the new ICE system and only has old ICE books. Chris is an Australian, married with charming wife and 2 equally charming daughters. He is presently a casual teacher.
DJ Salas
Yahoo Id: dj_r_salas
Denver, Colorado, USA
DJ has been roleplaying since 1983 and is a huge fan of Rolemaster. He has played and/or gamemastered many games and has played in a few PBeM campaigns. ..
Iain Stewart
Puja Dow
Yahoo ID: taz_jambo
Aberdeen, Scotland
Iain has been gaming on and off since 1987. Iain, a native Scot, is an oil industry consultant who may travel worldwide in his consulting.
Ian Gordon
Yahoo ID: jinshirtso
Seoul, Korea
Ian has been gaming since 1986 including some gamemastering. Ian, a native Scot, is an currently an English Teacher in Korea.
Lynn ?
Chelle Windsong
Yahoo ID: Silky_Kitty

Lynn has about 5 years experience playing Roleplaying games. ..
Mike Pape
Yahoo Id: ?
San Diego, California, USA
.. ..
Neil Wetherell
Salah al Din
Yahoo Id: nwetherall2003
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Neil is an experienced roleplayer and gamemaster who prefers Rolemaster. Neil is a Managing Partner with Chili's restaurants.
Richard Buller
Gaylen "Riven" Spellbinder
Yahoo ID: rnrbuller2002
Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
Richard has roleplayed since 1977. Richard was born in Quito, Ecuador and currently works as a mortgage underwriter in Denver.
Robert A Maxwell
Yahoo Id:
.. ..
Shane Stegmeier
Feanollic Ablyth
Yahoo Id: Thandorus
Attica, Indiana, USA
Shane has been gaming since about 1979. He has played using many diverse systems and prefer RMSS and Fantasy Hero. He has played in a number of PBeMs since about 1997. Shane is a farrier and a blacksmith. Shane is an active SCA member (knight & laurel) "Master Sir Fionbharr Mac Shane of the Barony of Rivenstar in the Middle Kingdom"
Tad Sample
Damien Morningstar
Yahoo Id: TadSample
Rolla, Missouri, USA
Tad is an experienced roleplayer who has gamed since 1985. Tad works for Briggs & Stratton.
Todd Sterrett
Aearnes Starhand
Yahoo ID: vanderbilt_grad
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
Todd has roleplayed since the early 1980s. Todd is married with two children and works of the City of Charlotte in their network team.
Thomas "Tom" Augstein
Yahoo ID: platformrogue
Tom has been roleplaying using Rolemaster & Spacemaster since the late 80's and has played in several PBEM's. Tom is a network adminstrator for a school district.
Tyler Hutchins
Grishnak Akra'Mim
Yahoo ID: ?
Novato, California
Tyler has played Rolemaster since about 1994. ..
Van Dorsey
Yahoo ID: van_dorsey
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
Van has been roleplaying since 1976 enjoying particularly plots within plots. .. Check out Van's business website.
Wade Robinson
Yahoo ID: waderobinson99
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Wade has roleplayed since about 1983 using the rolemaster system for about 2/3rds of his gaming. Wade is finishing his degree and driving for UPS.
Thomas A. Stobie, SFO
Yahoo ID: stobie_prime
Overland Park, Kansas, USA
Thomas has roleplayed since 1977 and prefers Rolemaster as his RPG system of choice. He has played in and gamemastered a large number of campaigns and has played in a few PBeM campaigns. This is his first attempt to run a PBeM campaign. His gamemastering style consists of letting his players decide what they want their characters to do and then brings it about through their actions. Check out his gaming webpages. Thomas, even though physically handicapped, is one the Top Technical Strategic Thinkers in the World. Check out his personal webpages.

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