Majestic Magic Campaign - Player Rules

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

These are the rules for players involved with the Majestic Magic Campaign.

  1. This campaign uses the RMSS/RMFRP rules. I have a few rules additions on my gaming site which I will also use.

  2. English is the language which will be used by the players.

  3. This campaign is rated "PG". These means no explicit sexual descriptions, no profanity, and no derogatory remarks directed at other players, the Gamemaster or lurkers.

  4. Players should post in character, clearly identifying as Out-of-Character [OOC] those questions or remarks for other players and the Gamemaster. Third Person of Speech is best, except in quotations.

  5. Posts should clearly include the characters name and with whom he is interacting.

  6. Use quotation marks when speaking the words that were spoken and use phrases, such as he said that or inquired about, without quotation marks when summarizing speech.

  7. Players are expected to post at least every other day. Even if you have nothing to add to what has been said, a message stating that helps keep the game flowing instead of waiting to see if a response is coming.

  8. Players are expected to provide the Gamemaster, that is me, with a standard behavior document about their character. This should include what (if nothing else is received) the character usually does in combat, the sort of questions that character will ask when meeting strangers, the things of which the character tries to be aware, the motivations of the character.

  9. The majority of players should possess initiative, setting objectives, short and long term, for their characters, and actively working to pursue them. I prefer for the players to choose their fate, rather the the gamemaster determining the course of action and adventure.

  10. When posting, players are encouraged to use conditionals (such as if my spell works, then I plan to [...] else I plan to [...]).

  11. If you need to know something that your character would know in order to make your post, ask the gamemaster about it. You can also post stating your intention (in the action not in spoken words), such as Franko offers 60% of what he thinks the goods are worth.

  12. I will try to speed up combat and make this a more thinking man's game.

  13. When posting try not to limit other character's options.

  14. If someone posts something that occurs later in time than where your character is, you are permitted to continue on your time line until you catch up with the post (make it clear if necessary that this is what you are doing.

  15. If someone posts something that the gamemaster thinks the character would not do, the gamemaster may modify the post or take other actions.

  16. When open conversation is going, it is permitted to have multiple threads going on simultaneously representing different parts of the overall conversation. Characters are not jumping for one topic to another, but rather discussing one topic in its entirety and then the other. Having the simultaneous topics is useful to help keep the gaming moving.

  17. The gamemaster will handle all rolls, (including combat, manuever rolls and stat gain rolls). Generally the rolls will not be posted but their effects will be posted directly.

  18. The gamemaster will deal with the effects of contradictory posts made about the same time.

  19. If the gamemaster make a mistake, point it out kindly so that he may correct it.

  20. Players should let everyone, the gamemaster and the other players, know when they will be out of touch (vacation, business travel, etc.) and for how long.

  21. Currently players are limited to one character each. I may relax this rule later for players who post regularly with good posts.

  22. Characters in groups set the time flow for the characters not in groups. It is advised that characters join groups of other player's characters.

Players are asked to provide the Gamemaster with their name, year of birth, place of residence, email address(es), and a summary of their RPG experience, PBeM experience, and their background. This may be posted on the website. If there is information you do not wish revealed inform the gamemaster with the specific information.

Lurkers are welcome provided that they do not interfere with the game.

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2003-2004 Thomas A. Stobie, SFO - Permission to use and copy for personal use is granted.

Last revised 27 May 2004.