Majestic Magic Campaign

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

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What happened just prior to your arrival on Daritopia

Whether in a group or alone, you just had attempted to enter a place of magic, bypass a magical trap, set off a magical trap, or tried to teleport/plane shift to a non-existant place.

There was a large flash of light and magic that surround you, and you lost conciousness.

When you Awakened

You slowly awaken, and find yourself laying on a padded carpet (with a design of concentric multi-colored circles with the inner most one (green) having a white cross in it.) in a white stone room (12'x12' - 8' tall). There is a solid door with no handle on this side and a bell hanging next to it over a sign saying "Ring Bell when ready to leave". You are naked. All previous cast magics on you have been dispelled. Any damage you had sustained has been healed. You are fully rested. You feel fully charged with magic (PP's).

You get up and after looking around decide to ring the bell and see what happens.

The door opens revealing a 6'2" clean shaven bald human male with blue eyes wearing a dark brown robe and sandals. He hads you a tan robe to put on. You put it on. He smiles and invites you to join him. He leads you to a table with two chairs, sits in one, gestures for you to sit in the other. There is good smelling food on the table and he invites you to partake, while he explains what has happened.

The Explanation

He says in Common, "I am Shadlew, one of the keepers of the White House. You are probably wondering what has happened. I do not fully understand it myself, but I will tell you what I know.

This building, known as the White House, due to its white stone construction, predates the town of Strangeville in which it stands. How long it has been here, we do not know. Those who found it, found in it manuals describing strangers coming this world with nothing, ringing the bell, and needing assistance with clothing and standard equipment. It went on further to describe the role of the keepers and offered payment for our services in helping offworlders to adjust.

We have found through discussions with the individuals who have come through, that they have been sent here from another world without their permission, without their clothing or equipment, healed from damage suffered prior to the transport here, with all magic effects dispelled. Experimentation on their part has shown that they could not return magically from whence they came. This world is called Daritopia.

Some of the individuals have responded hostilely when they discovered what has happened to them, but somehow, the keepers and this building are magically protected from harm.

We can provide some background to the area that you are now in." (view the document describing Daritopia to represent what the Keeper discussed with you. There is more detail on the webpage than the Keeper knows, but you would get the general info.)

"We will provide a weeks food and lodging for you here at which time you will need to find someone else to live.

We do have have storerooms of common equipment and clothing that you may equip youself with."

After eating, you do go with him to the storeroom, where you select two changes of clothing (limited color options) and the basic equipment of your profession and skills. Weapons are well-made (+0) and non-ornate. You feel much better now that you some equipment, not as good as what had, but better than nothing at all. He also provides you with coins worth 10 gp to sustain you while you get settled.

Returning with him to the room with the food, Shadlew then asks, "If you have specific questions, please ask and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities."

Special Notes

Sometimes the Keeper who greets you is not Shadlew, but one of the following Keepers:

The conversations are essentially the same.

Additionally, while staying at the White House you may run into one or more of the other Keepers listed above and usually all of them at the main meals, breakfast (at Dawn +10%) and dinner (at Dusk -5%).

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