Majestic Magic Campaign - Character Generation Rules

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

These are the rules for character generation for the Majestic Magic Campaign. It is recommended that players read through the campaign site prior to working on character generation.

Gaming System: Rolemaster Standard System (RMSS) & Rolemaster Fantasy Roleplay (RMRFP). This is further supplemented by additional rules I have on my gaming website.

Character Essentials

Each character should be played with an appropriate personality, should be good-oriented and a team player. Characters are not just combat or spell machines. Any character of the Channelling realm must choose a Sphere of Influence of his deity.


Character Generation Procedure

For those who want to play who lack materials (such as some of the RMSS/RMFRP rulebooks), the gamemaster may do some of the mechanics for them. You are asked to have the books containing the spells you have available for your use. For people who want to play, but lack Spell Law (and possibly other books as well), they are asked to play non-spell users.

  1. Character Concept - All potential players should develop a character concept (inluding race and profession) before doing any other character generation and get this concept approved by the gamemaster.

  2. Character Basic Development - Select Race, Profession, Talents/Flaws (per Character Law or Talent Law - not what is given in the Rolemaster standard rules book which uses only background options for these), Temporary Stats, Level, and intermediate level DPs for the character. Allocate adolescent development and then first level.

    Each player receives 600,000 character generation units (GU) to spend among the following:

    Each player receives the talent points associated with their race & culture. Flaws can be used to get additional talents. See Talent & Flaw Restrictions below. Background options are not used.

  3. Gamemaster Review and DP assignment - Send the character (MS Excel format is best) to the gamemaster who will approve (or require changes) and when approved will determine stat potentials, DP's for all remaining levels, and current potential stats at the ultimate level.

  4. Character Remaining Development - using the provided DP's per level, complete development of the character and send it to the gamemaster for approval.

  5. Character Description - write out a description of your character on what others perceive when they see your character.

  6. Player Background - Players need to provide their info to the gamemaster as well. See the player background page for the information required. (If you have info you do not want posted tell the gamemaster with the info.

  7. Signup for the Yahoo Email group - The earlier the better and the faster you get up to speed..

If you have questions, ask the gamemaster.

Talent & Flaw Restrictions

Flaws that do not limit will not be allowed. Point value of flaws that only restrict somewhat will be reduced.

If you do not have Character Law (RMFRP) or Talent Law (RMSS), please contact the gamemaster about Talents & Flaws.

Available Talents & Flaws by Character Law (and also Talent Law) Headings:

Sources of additional Talents & Flaws from RMSS documents of mine. - I believe that all talents and flaws are available from these for those who qualify.

Other Notes:

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This builds upon the Rolemaster Standard System [RMSS] and Rolemaster Fantasy Role Playing [RMFRP]. Copyright 1995-2000 Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia USA. Rolemaster is a trademark properties of Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. (ICE). All rights reserved.

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