Majestic Magic Campaign
- Campaign Specific Rules

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

These are the rules for players involved with the Majestic Magic Campaign.

  1. This campaign uses the RMSS/RMFRP rules.
  2. This is supplemented with rules additions on my gaming site.
  3. The gamemaster will award experience as he see fits. It will just appear on the character sheets. The gamemaster will inform players when their characters are eligible to go up a level.
  4. Characters are assumed to be working on training themselves in their off times.
  5. Once the experience has been earned for a level, it takes one game day of restive and meditative activities to go up the level. Players need to inform the gamemaster when they are spending a day to go up an earned level.
  6. Characters with access to a spell list have learned how to improve the list on their own. No special books or teachers are required.
  7. To improve language skills, characters must have access to people with better knowledge off the langauge or if above 10th rank in the language, the opportunity to study new dialects/variants of the language.
  8. To improve lore skills, characters must have a source from which to learn.
  9. With gamemaster permission, characters may permanently expend EPs to get development between formal levels. These spent EPs do not count for level advancement. For every 500 EPs spent a character get 1 DP. These DPs must be spent when converted and are considered the same time as all other development between the last level obtained and the next. If done as the same time as when going up a level, they are considered spent between the level just obtain and the next one.
  10. Unless otherwise specified in player posts, spells are cast with no prep in critical situations, and with as much prep as necessary outside of combat.

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2003-2004 Thomas A. Stobie, SFO - Permission to use and copy for personal use is granted.

Last revised 21 Jan 2004.