RolemasterPriest Base List
Educating Ways Spell List

by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

Priest Base List
Educating Ways
Lvl Spell Area of
Duration Range Type
1 Study II caster C self U
2 Learn Language II caster C self U
3 Book Learning II caster C self U
4 Teaching I caster C self U
5 Study III caster C self U
6 Comprehend Language I caster 10 min./lvl self U
7 Learn Language III caster C self U
8 Teaching II caster C self U
9 Book Learning III caster C self U
10 Study VI caster C self U
11 Teaching III caster C self U
12 Learn Language IV caster C self U
13 Study XV caster C self U
14 Rapid Teaching I caster C self U
15 Study True caster C self U
16 Book Learning IV caster C self U
17 Teaching IV caster C self U
18 Comprehend Language II caster 30 min./lvl self U
19 Rapid Teaching II caster C self U
20 Teaching V caster C self U
25 Learn Language V caster C self U
30 Book Learning V caster C self U
50 Instant Educating caster C self U

Spell Descriptions

Special Notes

  1. For this spell list, working on the task is considered concentration and can be continued for eight hours of work with occasional breaks up of to an half hour. For interruptions longer than half an hour, the spell can be recast to be continued if the effect has not yet been achieved.

  2. For Book Learning spells to be useful, the available books must be present where the learner is and have enough content on the subject for meaning skill development (GM decision).

  3. For Teaching spells (including Rapid Teaching and Instant Educating), the most a student can learn (i.e. resultant ranks in skill) is the skill of the teacher.

  4. For the Rapid Teaching and Instant Educating spells, if the student currently has no DP's, these are subtracted from the DP's earned at the next level (unless handled some other way by the GM).

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