New Future Email Roleplaying Game

Gamemastered by Thomas A. Stobie, SFO

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This is an email free-form roleplaying game conducted for 2 players based on a futuristic space station in the year 2060. Each player is playing a space marine detective/operator (rank of Commander) based at the New Future Space station.


New Future Space Station

New Future Space Station was established 2035 using mostly resources mined off the moon. It is in solar orbit 1 million miles following earth in its orbit of the sun. It does not rotate, but has many sections including the living sections that do rotate to generate artifical gravity ranging for 0 G in their centers to 1.2 G in most sections, with parts of the training base going up to 2.5G in some areas.

Power is provided by large solar arrays stretching miles permanently directed toward the sun and by 2 large nuclear reactors.

Many sections are devoted to agriculture and the raising of animals for food.

Most residential sections have a agriculture core in the lower gravity areas.

Travelling (for both people and cargo) between areas in the space station is done by magnetic transit shuttles that run inside dedicated tubes crisscrossing the entire station.

New Future uses its own currency, the New Future Credit, with a value set at 1 day's basic living expense equal to 1 credit, with 6 decimal places used. All residents and traveller are issued an identity/credit card that used for financial transactions. Many of these take the form of a wrist bracelet that cannot be removed without special equipment.

Firearms are extremely restricted on New Future due to the problem of damage to the station and loss of atmospheric integrity. Security tends to use hand stunners and batons in leau of ranged weapons. Every discharge of a firearm is carefully examined and the overwhelming majority result in criminal prosecution.

New Future is ruled by a council of three consisting of Adm. Boots, Mayor Hanger of Freedom City and Mayor DeJesus of Heart City, and advised by a lesser council consisting of representives from each the main sections as well as the lesser ones. Overall population about 70,000 and increases as people immigrate from earth.

  1. Major Communities

  2. Other Communities

Other Locations

Space Command Organization

Earth Space Command

Headquarters - Houston, Texas
Commander - Admiral Roger P. Paperworth.

Earth Space Command oversees the efforts of the United States Space Command and the United Nations Space Command and their joint efforts. Note that these two commands report primarily to the United States Government and the United Nations.

The two space commands (plus a coordinating space command) where established by the Space Exploration Treaty signed in Overland Park, Kansas in 2031 in order to assist and protect the effort to explore and colonize space. Neither the United States nor the non-US members of the UN wanted either totally in charge of this effort, so a dual structure was established with a number of common commands identified and allow for. It was specified that the rank structure for these new marine corps use naval ranks.

New Future Space Station (NFSS) Organization

The council chambers and major government offices are located at Thatcher hub.

Major Companies of New Future


Space Flight

Major Spaceship Types

Major Robot Types

Main Characters

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