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Welcome to my Gaming Pages

I game to relax and get my mind off more serious things. I play many games, including board, card, dice, roleplaying, and strategy games. I have gamemastered a large variety of roleplaying games.

In no way should this site be considered advocating the occult. I am a solid Christian and strongly oppose Paganism and the Occult.

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Email Roleplaying

I started a new email campaign for 2 people in August 2007. Details can be found at the New Future Email Roleplaying Games page.

Settlers of Catan

I have a created a number of optional rules for Settlers of Catan.

Rolemaster Pages

previously gamemastered a RMSS PBeM Fantasy Campaign set in Daritopia.

Rolemaster - Copyright © 1990-2002 Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc., Charlottesville, Virginia USA. Rolemaster and all icons and images used therein, are trademark properties of Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. (ICE). All rights reserved.

Computer Gaming

I was a beta-tester of Alpha Centauri & Alien Crossfire and heartly recommend each of the following products:

In Association with

Check out my work pages. Currently looking for work in the area of Strategic Technology Planning.

One of my hobbies is Genealogy and I maintain a large database at Rootsweb. Go to my genealogy pages.

My wife, Barbara, & I run Divine Love Ministries. - Check out its webpage. Serving God by using our talents.

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